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8th July

THE real world is harsh. The number of envious, prejudiced, cold-hearted and selfish people will no doubt increase. In society, you may encounter people you do not like and you may well have to work under bosses you find it hard to get along with. That is why the three qualities of integrity, perseverance and hope are so important. No one is a match for the person who possesses these qualities.

NICHIREN DAISHONIN said, “One should regard meeting obstacles as true peace and comfort.” (Gosho Zenshu, p 750) The important thing is to challenge trials and confront hardships head-on and to overcome them one by one. This is the true path of human beings. It is the path of Buddhism and the path of victors. Having the strength to surmount all obstacles constitutes true peace and comfort.

A disciple is one who cherishes the same goal, same conviction, and makes the same effort, as his mentor. And that is how he achieves the same state as his mentor. This way of mentor and disciple is the core of Buddhism and the eternal, royal road to human development.

ONE of the Fourteen Slanders mentioned in the Gosho is that of shallow, self-satisfied understanding. This does not merely mean possessing shallow knowledge; it indicates the condition of those who have lost their seeking mind and ceased to make efforts to deepen their understanding. This signifies backsliding in faith.

CRITICISING fellow members is just like steering your life from sunshine into darkness.

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