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10th August

PEOPLE’S trust is gained through constant efforts to be faithful and to keep promises. We must muster up a life-force great enough to comprehend others patiently.

GONGYO and daimoku might also be compared to the food which sustains our life. Chanting daimoku corresponds to the main dish and doing gongyo to the side dishes. Like the main and side dishes in a meal, the two are complementary and both are required for deriving maximum joy from one’s practice. By taking such balanced “meals” every morning and evening, you can activate your inherent Buddha nature, and eventually establish it as your fundamental state of life.

NOTHING is greater than sincerity. No mater what the immediate results may be, when viewed from a long range perspective, those who are sincere will be left with the trust and confidence of others.

IF we work hard to support and encourage a thousand of our fellow members, a thousand Buddhist gods will protect us. If we support ten thousands of our fellow members, ten thousand Buddhist gods will protect us. If we manipulate our fellow members for our selfish ends, however, the Buddhist gods will turn their backs in us in lifetime after lifetime. Do we “exploit” the members or do we “serve” them? It comes down to this one point.

I dedicate these words of second Soka Gakkai President Josei Toda to you, our Youth Division members: “I want you to be fine young people who cherish the ideal of benefiting the nation, while at the same time making efforts in your immediate environment to solidify your own foundations.”

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