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9th August

CONCERNING our endeavours, there should never come a point when we feel “there is nothing left for us to do”. To practice with the determination that “we will spare no effort for kosen-rufu” is a reflection of our deep faith.

IF a beauty goes by, men will turn their heads, and women will go out of their way to do favours for a handsome man. In the same way, when you polish your life by doing gongyo, all Buddhas, bodhisattvas and Buddhist gods will surround you, praising and holding you under their protection. In this sense, gongyo and daimoku are like “cosmetics” that we use to beautify our lives.

TO live each day to the best of your ability, so that you can truly say that you are satisfied with what you have achieved – these unflagging efforts lead to a life of great victory. It may seem quite ordinary and mundane, but this is the noblest path of life. It is the path of outstanding human beings.

GOOD citizens are those who love both their own country and the world. A strong alliance of global citizens who possess a sound philosophy will transform the world. The development of the people constitutes the foundation and framework for human progress. Where there is such unity, members receive benefits that increase boundlessly. Though unseen, the Buddhas and bodhisattvas definitely observe all of our sincere efforts.

THE ultimate human solidarity can be forged only by the supreme unity of comrades who dedicate their lives to the great wish for kosen-rufu.

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