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31st August

THOMAS JEFFERSON, the third president of the United States, wrote: “The whole art of government consists in the art of being honest.” Honesty is crucial; the honest person triumphs in life. The higher one’s position, the more important honesty is. This is the mark of a truly humanistic organization.

IF there is even just one person who awakens to his/her mission and earnestly advances in faith, if there is just one person with the dauntless spirit of a true lion, then, from that person, everything will unfold. Those who are aware of their missions have certain radiance. Those who dedicate their lives to their missions know joy. In this awareness and dedication, we find the wings to escape from the prison of sorrowful and painful karma and soar high into the expansive sky of happiness.

LATITUDE and generosity give birth to wisdom. While racing around frenetically each day may certainly be an expression of one’s sincere dedication, you will be happier if, on occasion, you slow down, relax, and with a broad and open mind take a good hard look at yourself and think about life.

WHEN we cherish a person with the same profound reverence as we would the Buddha, the Buddha nature in his life functions to protect us. On the other hand, if we belittle or regard the person with contempt, as though gazing into our own image reflected in a mirror, we will be disparaged in return.

YOU may have various worries right now in your daily life. However, it is the Mystic Law which enables you to solve any problems with composure, making them a springboard for your further growth. It also enables you to live out your life with total fulfillment and in the most valuable way, day after day, month after month, and year after year.

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