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1st September

THE life of Buddhahood spans eternity. It is a completely free and unrestricted state of life in which we can always enjoy the enlightened properties of eternity, happiness, true self and purity (jo raku ga jo). With this self of Buddhahood hidden within us, we carry out the activities in the reality of the lower Six Worlds to fulfill our mission to accomplish kosen-rufu and to save all people from suffering.

IN general, the people around us reflect our state of life. Our personal preferences, for example, are mirrored in their attitudes. This is especially clear from the viewpoint of Buddhism which elucidates the workings of cause and effect as if in a spotless mirror.

WE uphold the Gohonzon. We uphold the Mystic Law. This means that we ourselves are entity of the Mystic Law. We are the entity of great good fortune; we are the Treasure Tower. Therefore, we can never be defeated. We need never be afraid. When you are absolutely certain that you are the Treasure Tower and the entity of the Buddha, you achieve a state of being in which life itself is enjoyable.

THE heart is what really matters. One cannot simply understand the depths of one’s heart. When we practice with the awareness that we may encounter the Gohonzon once in a hundred million or ten billion years, a profound sense of appreciation fills our heart each time we perform gongyo.

A person’s true worth is measured by the extent to which they live in the present while giving thought to the distant future, a hundred years, a thousand years hence. Please be assured that all of your commendable daily efforts will give rise to eternal good fortune and benefit, protecting your families, bringing prosperity to your communities and becoming the source for peace around the world.

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