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14th September

ONE must live with firm resolution. This should be the attitude of one who practices faith. One who lives with determination is strong. Thanks to his determination, his trouble and suffering in life will be reduced by half, and he will be able to summon forth the courage to surmount any difficulty.

THOUGH we may undertake all sorts of practices and perform all sorts of good deeds, they are ultimately all aimed at attaining the three bodies of the single mind of inherent enlightenment – that is, Buddhahood. They are, in short, all for the sole purpose of manifesting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo in our hearts and minds.

IT is important for you to stay unaffected by the praise and criticism of the world, to stay steadfast when buffeted by the raging waves of jealousy around you. Look down on these things from a higher plane, and use them to make yourself a stronger person.

THE life of each of us is like a canvas. What kind of picture do we paint here? We do not have to be a celebrity or a genius. What is important is to fill our canvas in our own style and to our satisfaction, depicting the brilliant drama of a life devoted to our own individual mission, with all of our heart and being, up to the last moment.

BECAUSE we champion justice and the cause of good, we incur envy and persecution from others. But if we remain true to our convictions and continue to demonstrate our sincerity and integrity, we will definitely triumph in the end. It is important never to be defeated by any of the trials that may beset us. Such trials represent a golden opportunity for us to do our human revolution.

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