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15th September

THE more we are oppressed, the more we must rise to the challenge and summon many times our ordinary strength. We must forge ourselves to become ever stronger and ever wiser. We must develop real capability so that we can confidently and fearlessly face anyone and anything.

EVERYTHING has a time. What you read when you are young are etched into your memory. It becomes a part of you. What you learn as a result becomes a valuable experience and asset for forming your own ideas and philosophy and acquiring different ways of looking at things.

VALUE-CREATION is not something distant and removed form our lives. Any resolution and reform begins with the things closest, or of most immediate concern, to us. We must not run away from the problems which confront us in our daily life, but rather take them on with courage. Value is created through such efforts, and from here waves of hope expand among people.

JUST as there are good, fertile soil and poor soil, good, clean water and foul water, there are both good minds and bad minds. But even a bad mind will be made to shine with goodness when the light of the Mystic Law illuminates on it, and your life will be inscribed with the good fortune that opens the way to happiness.

NO matter how eloquent one may be, or how excellent one may appear to behave within the organization, if he neglects the practice of gongyo, he will never be able to continue for long. This is because the world of the Gakkai is none other than the pure world of faith.

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