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20th September

LIES, no matter how small, the malign and discredit the just must not go unchallenged. It is crucial that we thoroughly expose all malicious false propaganda and defamatory statements for what they are, by speaking out vigorously in the spirit of “refuting the erroneous and revealing the true”. Especially when youth rise to this challenge, the integrity and goodness of society as a whole will be protected.

IF you are the type of person whose resolve tends to melt away easily, if you find it difficult to stick to your goals, then just renew your determination each time you find yourself slipping. If you keep struggling valiantly, pressing forward despite setbacks and disappointments, always thinking, “This time I’ll make it! This time I will succeed!” you will eventually achieve your human revolution without fail.

WHEN we are close to a person, his or her shortcomings become apparent, and there is a tendency to want to find fault with that person. However, fault-finding knows no end and ultimately serves no purpose. Since we are common mortals, all of us have faults. The key is to make up for one another’s shortcomings and allow each person to develop his or her strengths.

THE mind of faith is the throne of life, and it determines the value of our lives, and our ultimate victory or defeat. A Buddhist leader is a merciful leader who brings hope, courage and confidence to those who embrace faith. I am confident that the SGI is a gathering of such leaders.

THERE is one point which you should keep in mind. You must never bear ill feelings towards your fellow members. If you do so, you will erase your benefits.

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