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21st September

IF one lacks courage, all of his experiences of hardship will turn into complaints and resentment towards others. He will then lose confidence in faith, as well as the energy to move forward. As a result, he will feel nothing but loneliness and regret.

IT is always important to cherish hope. Though you are encouraged to be strong, it does not mean you should be overbearing. By strength I mean power that is peaceful and creative, one that exudes humanity and love. By hope, I mean the kind that embodies these qualities.

THAT you should “be well-liked” does not mean that you should court popularity or engage in flattery. What this indicates, rather, is a sense of trust that naturally arises in response to the great sincerity that you manifest in your concern for everyone’s happiness, and your sense of responsibility in struggling behind the scenes for the sake of everyone.

ONLY when we living things are connected to nature, engaged with nature, are we truly alive and vigourous. To really be alive, one must be under the sun, the moon, the shining stars, surrounded by beautiful greenery and pure waters of the natural world. A dirty, fouled environment is not natural. When people live in such surroundings, their hearts become polluted too. That is the oneness of life and the environment.

I have actualized, down to the letter, the vision cherished by my mentor for the creation of a great path of education, peace and culture. The entire and essence of the SGI can be found in this spirit of mentor and disciple. This is our solemn history. I wish to proclaim this for the sake of future generations.

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