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24th September

THE 21st century is the century of the Youth Division. The full-fledged ascent of the lofty summit of kosen-rufu lies before you. There is no grander stage on which to live out your youth than that of the SGI. There is no stage of endeavour more wonderful – both from the perspective of its underpinning philosophy and its international scope. If you do not leave behind a great victory now, when will you?

WHILE it may seemed ideal to have any and all prayers answered automatically without any hard work or effort on our part, it is similar to eating nothing but sweets day in and day out. Without some kind of challenge, some real nourishment, we cannot hope to develop and forge ourselves nor truly gain a profound understanding and appreciation of faith. It is far better, therefore, to undergo hardships – especially when we are young.

BOTH faith and daily life are battles. Those who are truly exerting themselves in their daily lives based on sincere faith, not merely making a show of doing so, are able to make their entire lives healthy. If one loses the faith with which to continue fighting, one’s life will be assailed by devilish functions.

IN many cases, the strengths, depth and correctness of one’s faith are difficult to discern by appearance alone. After all, faith is an individual matter that can only be evaluated according to one’s inner state of life. In other words, it is based on causality which is engraved in the depths of one’s life.

YOU cannot be a great leader if you are defeated by your own weakness. One who maintains strong faith and lives his youth vigourously under any difficult circumstances will eventually grow into an excellent leader.

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