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6th September

A Gosho reads, “This life is like a dream. One cannot know if he will live until tomorrow. Even if you should become the most wretched of beggars, never disgrace the Lotus Sutra.” (MW 4, p283) For us today, this injunction could be rephrased as follows: No matter what might happen, you must never disgrace or cause injury to your faith. With self-discipline and pride as a member of SGI, live nobly, cherish ideals, and dedicate yourself to kosen-rufu.

THE power of daimoku is stupendous. It is truly without bounds. The Mystic Law is the fundamental Law of the universe, and daimoku is the essential rhythm pervading all life. A person who chants resonant daimoku as he strives towards the goal of kosen-rufu will enjoy limitless expansion and boundless growth in his strength and ability.

YOUR faith should always be pure, otherwise, you will be unable to defeat the “devil” that exists within your own life. This devil leads you to compromise with such tendencies as the desire to seek self-centred fame and gain. Therefore, you will be unable to advance towards a condition of happiness unless you maintain pure faith.

EVERYTHING depends on our attitude or inner resolve, on the kind of philosophy and convictions that we cherish. Our environment or circumstances are not the determining factor. We advance resolutely based on this admonition of Nichiren Dashonin, then all the hardships we experience in the course of our life will pave the golden faith of our mission.

NICHIREN DAISHONIN said with regard to benefit (Jp. Kudoku): “The ku [of kudoku (benefit)] means to extinguish evil and doku means to bring forth good.” (Gosho Zenshu, p762) One aspect of benefit, therefore, lies in eliminating evil. There is no more fundamental benefit than eradicating the impurities in our lives and gaining a pure and unsullied state of being.

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