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5th September

ONLY human beings can have ideals. Our difficult struggles amid the severe realities of life alone cannot inspire hope. To build a house, to make a good marriage – these, too, are ideals. In life, we must have ideals. And among these, the ideal of kosen-rufu is the loftiest.

THE prime point of my life is that I am the disciple of President Toda. This is my point of departure and the point that I return to do everything I undertake. Precisely because I have this immovable prime point, there is nothing that I am afraid of, and nothing can perturb me. I am free of confusion, and am in no danger of succumbing to arrogance. I hope that each of you will firmly establish your spiritual prime point. For therein lies the key to your proudly scaling the high mountains of human life.

PLEASE spend your entire lives embraces by the infinite benefits of Gohonzon, and open within yourself, a boundless inner palace. Proudly and valiantly devote yourself to kosen-rufu as you walk the path of faith, the highest path a human being can follow, and lead the most splendid kind of existence.

EVERYONE dies eventually. Almost none of us here or of the several billion other people on the planet at this moment will still be alive a hundred years from now. This is a stern reality that nothing can change. When we deeply recognize this truth, it becomes impossible for us to squander our lives.

RESPECTING others is an indication of one’s depth as a person, the strength and profundity of one’s character. If you are demanding of yourself, you can be kind to others. The person who works hardest is the most accepting of others. In contrast, those who are slipshod and undisciplined themselves are usually hard on others. Those who have never worked hard themselves tend to demand that others do so.

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