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22nd October

I hope that as leaders you will show great sensitivity for people’s individual situations. At the same time, I want to remind you that no matter how adverse our individual predicament, we need to live out our lives based on steadfast faith. Only then can we accumulate all kinds of treasures in life as true benefit.

A genuine leader is one who springs to the aid of those who are suffering from the greatest pain and agony in an attempt to lead them to happiness.

HOPE is a far greater wealth than any other kind. There is no progress or victory for people, who possess everything else but lack hope and the strength to live. This cannot be called a human way of living, nor is it in which happiness can be found.

ONE’S faith is not determined by one’s position in the organization. A person who works hard to propagate Buddhism and offers strong prayers with all his or her heart will become an outstanding person.

SINCE our Buddhist practice takes place in the midst of our daily lives, it is all too easy for us to grow lazy and neglect it. So in that respect, there is perhaps no more difficult practice when it comes to continuing. Nonetheless, if we challenge ourselves to keep up a little bit each day, before we realise it we will have built a path to happiness in the depths of our lives; we will have established a solid embankment that will prevent our ever being swept away towards unhappiness.

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