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23rd October

A skilled pilot must be able to guide the plane through turbulence in the atmosphere. In faith, if you are afraid of difficulties, then you cannot grow.

PRIDE – that is the pillar which supports the soul. It provides the resilience which to knock back oppression. It is a miserable existence to live subserviently, bereft of pride. What good is a religion if it only offers a life of slavery under those in power and authority? How much more so is this true for you, who as true disciples of Nichiren Daishonin are courageously living for the cause of kosen-rufu?

LIFE is eternal. If you devote yourself single-mindedly to propagating the Buddhist teachings, your days will bear golden fruits that will adorn your life throughout eternity. Nichiren Daishonin praised the children of the Buddha who pray and fight for the realisation of kosen-rufu, offering his protection. When you feel confident about this fact, you will be filled with immeasurable courage, hope and wisdom. You will be able to live cheerfully no matter what happens.

THE fundamental spirit of Buddhism is that all people are equal. A person is not simply great because of his social standing, fame or academic background. In the world of faith, the truly great are those who spread the Mystic Law and strive for kosen-rufu, who actively works for the sake of Buddhism and the happiness of others. Supremely respectworthy are those who champion the cause of kosen-rufu.

PUTTING the finishing touches on our lives is very important. When a plane lands, it gradually reduces its altitude but as we enter the final chapter of our lives, we should try to keep flying at the same high “spiritual altitude”, we should keep moving forward without reducing our “spiritual speed” – right up until our final moments.

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