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25th October

GANDHI said: “Untruth corrodes the soul; truth nourishes it.” Deceit corrupts the spirit and fosters human misery. Truth enriches our spirit and fosters human happiness. That is why it is so important to thoroughly expose falsehoods and work to spread the truth.

GENUINE Buddhist dialogue is discussing such crucial matters as the true values of life, what is right and wrong, based on our daily lives and our personal experiences. This is the ultimate practice of humanism, and this is propagating Buddhism.

STRONG determination becomes the cause for great growth. The ‘seed’ of a truly penetrating determination will produce a ‘great tree’ that people will continue to gaze upon with admiration for centuries. We need to manifest such determination not sometime in the future, but right now. The present moment is the time to initiate our struggle.

TRUE courage is not found in short tempers; it lies in composed forbearance.

HE is most happy who embraces the sun of kuon ganjo within his life. Therefore, throughout the year, though the days may be overcast or stormy, never forget that you can let the sun within your heart sine brilliantly.

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