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26th October

PRESIDENT TODA said: “The ultimate fruit of our efforts will begin to appear from our 50s. No matter what your circumstances right now, live with joy and perseverance!” And specifically in his guidance to the women, he said: “True happiness will begin to blossom in your lives from your 40s onward.” Therefore, regardless of painful or trying your present situation, you must not be defeated. It is important to undergo many hardships during one’s youth.

MAKING a start is important in life. If we just spend our time prevaricating about taking our place on the stage of our mission, if we hesitate and run back into the wings, our lives will be lackluster and unfulfilling. Do you agree that it is far more satisfying and exhilarating to walk out intrepidly onto that stage, fired with resolve to do our best, to achieve something of value and to touch and inspire our audience?

IT is the present moment, what one does from now on, that counts. We must always live with our focus on the present and the future. We must continuously challenge the future from the vantage of the present. This is the Buddhism of the True Cause.

PEOPLE can see through the likes of cunning and deception. More importantly, such behaviour is judge by history. You must not be fooled by hypocrisy, deceit or fraud. If you let that happen, it is your own personal defeat. You will destroy the castle of good fortune in your life that you have striven so painstakingly to build.

LIFE is a continuous series of victories and defeat. Therefore, to crown your life with victory, you must first construct a firm foundation and then you will be able to brave any difficulty.

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