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28th October

TAKE great care with your words. For compassionate talk can move a person, while an inconsiderate word can leave his/her heart deeply wounded.

EVEN though your existence may appear ordinary, I hope that all of you wise members will live lofty lives by fulfilling the respective vows you have made for kosen-rufu. According to the Gosho, those who do so will shine as Buddhas; all of you are the true children of the original Buddha.

IN any event, if we are going to wage a struggle, then we must not be defeated. Buddhism is about winning or losing. Life too is a struggle to achieve victory. Everything is a struggle between victory and defeat. Victory brings happiness, while defeat brings misery. Life's purpose is to be victorious. The purpose of faith is to win in every aspect of our lives.

A self-centred existence may seem free and uninhibited but the truth of the matter is that it will only lead us to suffer in the life-state of Hell. In contrast, a life dedicated to Buddhism and the happiness of our fellow members will enable us to attain the state of Buddhahood and achieve enlightenment.

SOMETIMES people who have lost their passion for kosen-rufu renew their commitment of their own accord, jolted by experiencing a deadlock in their lives. Though it may take time, the sincerity behind the leaders’ daimoku and encouragement will get through to the person eventually and he or she will definitely stand up again. This is the essence of faith.

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