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27th October

YOUTH are the hope of the future. Boys and girls are the treasure of tomorrow. It is our foremost responsibility to place trust in and harbour expectation for youth, and to love and cherish boys and girls from the bottom of our hearts. Otherwise, the people of the world will never see a future of rich fields alive with fragrant flowers.

HUMAN beings are exactly that - human beings. There is no way a human being can be any more than this. The most important thing is whether an individual is great as a human being when stripped of all worldly artifice or affection. Regardless of one's title or position - or lack thereof - a great person will always be a great person no matter what. This is the essence of Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin which expounds that the life of a common mortal is the most sublime.

WHAT is praiseworthy is the determination to fight, to exert oneself. In a sense, it is the act of striving itself that is great - irrespective of whether one wins or loses. It may be said that one who continues to forge on no matter what has already won as a human being.

THE words of Nichiren Daishonin represent guiding principles that have universal and eternal relevance. It is important to study the Gosho. And it is especially crucial that the members of the youth division gain a solid grounding in Buddhist study. The two ways of practice and study are important. A half-hearted attitude will not allow you to complete these two paths.

THERE is no more worthy cause than taking action for kosen-rufu. No one can surpass a person tenaciously carrying out activities for kosen-rufu. Absolutely nothing can defeat a noble champion of the spirit. Please be confident of this.

NOTE: Visit for Nichiren Daishonin's gosho, Persecution by Sword and Staff.