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10th December

DAIMOKU is the well-spring of vitality and a driving force for one's daily life and activities within society. This force is accelerated by the study of Buddhism.

FAITH enables us to secure ultimate victory. It enables us to live out our lives with vigour and joy and to strive to improve ourselves and become the very best people we can be. Moreover, faith enables us to walk through life with complete assurance and confidence, unafraid of anything.

WE are living in an age in which wisdom is all important. Wisdom is the driving force for happiness. Happiness might be said to consist of the three components of "beauty, benefit and good". When we possess wisdom, we can channel everything towards the creation of "beauty, benefit and good". We need wisdom to enable all people to become happy.

I am always praying that you and your families will enjoy good health and abundant fortune. Please win in all your endeavours. Please make your family a “fountainhead of faith” and create a brilliant flow of great good fortune that will extend to your children and coming generations, and across the three existences of past, present and future.

AGGRESSIVE humanism – that is the spirit of Soka Gakkai. A thorough-going fighting spirit of great dimension – that is our Soka Gakkai spirit. There is no compromise in faith. Nor is the practice of True Buddhism merely empty words. It is actions. It is results.

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