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11th December

THOSE who can say at the end of their lives, "I did my best", "I have fulfilled my mission", "I have carried through with faith", are truly happy. With this intent, we should live out our lives "according to our own mind" (“zuijii”), that is, without being influenced or swayed by anything. Conviction serves as a person's backbone. Therefore, we need to make our conviction unwavering.

ONE cannot continue to practise faith alone. An organisation where people can mutually polish their character and encourage one another is vital in order to correctly carry out one's Buddhist practice for the sake of oneself as well as for others.

IF we are to make the new century a century of peace, a spirit of tolerance is indispensable. But tolerance is different from compromise. Compromise is the product of self-preservation, self-interest and a poverty of the spirit. It results in compliance with evil, and finally in our own corruption. Tolerance, on the other hand, is always found on a clear understanding of the difference between good and evil. It is the product of strong personal commitment.

MR TODA said: “Teach your children to have faith in Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism and place them in the garden of the SGI. Children are easily swayed by their environment. Also, in their desire for freedom, they may sometimes be drawn to undesirable company. It is especially important for mothers, with their abundant love and affection, to bring their children into the ‘realm of security’ of the SGI.”

PRIDE – faith is the highest pride; the highest hope. The unlimited light of a faith will always shine warmly and unerringly on one’s family, community and life.

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