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3rd September

THE journey of kosen-rufu is long, extending into the distant future. There is no need to rush or be impatient. The important thing now is to foster talented individuals one at a time and build a firm and unshakeable foundation.

WE must live our lives wisely and thoughtfully. Many people tend to give up on the way to reaching their goal, thinking they have encountered a dead end. However, though it may be long and difficult, there is always another route, another solution, to follow.

RUDE or disrespectful language should not be used in the organization. When talking to fellow members, you should approach one another courteously and in a spirit of mutual respect, regardless of the differences in organizational position. Always remember: conduct that is courteous and rich in common sense, conduct that shines with human character is the mark of a person of faith.

TO a person who is possessed by the lust for power, even the most selfless, benevolent actions of others will appear as cunning moves undertaken to gain power. Similarly, to a person who has a strong desire for fame, actions based on conviction and consideration will be seen as publicity stunts. Those who have become slaves of money simply cannot believe that there are people in the world who are strangers to the desire for wealth.

WHEN a person forms a relationship with the Law of Myoho even once, no mater what kind of life he leads, he begins to develop within himself a “diamond vessel” of Buddhahood. The pre-requisite for both lasting world peace and happiness for all mankind lies in creating a fortress for peace and happiness in the life of each individual.

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