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4th September

THERE is a saying: “The fish rots from the head.” The higher your leadership position is, the more you must unite and work together. Those who have undergone though leadership themselves can understand and empathize with the sufferings of others. Those who have worked hard themselves can appreciate the value of others’ hard work and effort.

OUR mind and energy should be concentrated on the tasks we must accomplish. Our prayer is then directed, and through the principle of three thousand realms in a single moment of life, the entire universe will move towards our victory and success.

YOU may confront both steep mountains and deep valleys throughout the course of your life. The more you traverse such rugged terrain, the more you can come to understand the hearts of others and the anguish of those who are suffering. In this sense, as long as you remain undefeated by hardships, you can even regard them as your benefits.

WE must gain decisive victory over the harsh realities of society and lead a life which is correct and unwavering. This is the purpose of our faith. We have to become wise and strong. The purpose of Buddhism is to produce people of wisdom who can judge the right from the wrong on their own in the clear mirror of Buddhism.

I hope you will practice faith so that you may live a bright, cheerful existence. To this end, you should carry through with bright and cheerful faith, and a joyful practice of shakubuku. My deepest hope is that you will live a bright and cheerful life, day by day, always burning with hope for the future.

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