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2nd September

MASTERING the essence of Buddhist practice, which is the purpose of life, lies in how fully we can grasp the significance of our lives, and how deeply we can sense our own individual mission in the environment where we find ourselves now. This is the key point of our faith.

WE are a gathering of children of the Buddha. Therefore, if we respect one another, our good fortune will multiply infinitely, like an image reflected back and forth among mirrors. A person who practices alone cannot experience the tremendous multiplications of benefits. In short, the environment you find yourself in, whether favourable or not, is the product of your own life. Most people, however, fail to understand this and tend to blame others for their troubles.

EVEN if we may appear to be suffering, we must realize that we have been born into our present circumstances at our own wish. Each of us desired to take on our respective roles – whether it is that of having no money or being sick – so that, through carrying out our human revolution to overcome the problem, we could demonstrate the power of the Mystic Law.

WHEN we wholeheartedly talk to friends about Buddhism, joy wells forth and our state of life expands. This is because the moment we engage in Buddhist dialogue, the immense life of a Bodhisattva of the Earth pulses within our being. Through our practice of propagation, we can carry out our human revolution. Propagation is the direct path to transforming our destiny and that of society, and to establishing lasting peace and happiness.

THE key for our endeavour for worldwide kosen-rufu is dialogue. Nichiren Daishonin urged us to speak with others to the best of our ability about Buddhism, even if we share only a single sentence or phrase. The more we engage others in dialogue, the more we can change the world. The more action we take, the more new frontiers, new possibilities will unfold.

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