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11th June

ENCOURAGING one person can lead to the encouragement of countless others. Nichiren Daishonin knew that one person could open the way for kosen-rufu. We need to learn from the Daishonin’s example.

DEATH is the final settlement of accounts of our life in this world; we only die as we have lived. How we have lived, how full and rich we have made our life inside – all this is revealed at our last moment. At that time, we will surely know with the depths of our being how wonderful it is to have lived a life dedicated to the Mystic Law.

AS long as we remain in this strife-ridden saha world, it is impossible to stop the winds of suffering from blowing. We ourselves must be strong, we must become great trees that are untroubled by even the most powerful gales – and, indeed, even come to relish storms. We practice faith so that we may carry out our human revolution in order to enjoy such lives and to develop such inner strength.

IF supposing that because one has practiced for many years or has got a handle on the teachings of Buddhism, one acts in an arbitrary manner without seeking guidance from anyone, he will at some point become self-righteous and depart from the path of the True Law and true teaching. Such a person, even though he may give the appearance of embracing faith, is not proceeding along, the fundamental path of True Buddhism.

ALL in all, happiness and unhappiness lie nowhere but within one’s deep-seated ichinen. When viewed from the profound perspective of Buddhism, one’s strong ichinen to continuously chant daimoku to the Gohonzon will become the source of all change. In other words, you strong ichinen to continue chanting is the key to changing any situation for the better.

NOTE: Visit for Nichiren Daishonin's gosho, The Opening of the Eyes.