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30th April

PROPAGATION is the fundamental practice in Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism. It is also the essence of the Lotus Sutra. This is upheld by the Great Teacher T'ien-t'ai of China, who declared: "The Lotus Sutra is the teaching of shakubuku, the refutation of the provisional doctrines." To boldly speak the truth with compassion for the other person and clarify the correctness or error of the tenets they uphold - this constitutes the practice of propagating the Mystic Law. Our strength lies in the fact that we champion truth.

ANYONE who has ever made a resolution discovers that the strength of their determination fades with time. The moment you feel that happening is when you should make a fresh determination.

IN Buddhism there is a term called kisha, which means "to give gladly". The word "gladly" is very important. It describes the spirit which is necessary to further develop one's state of Buddhahood, and the spirit which fills one's life with an inexhaustible wellspring of happiness and fortune and a boundless sea of benefit.

WHAT is true victory in life? What is the meaning of true happiness? Who is truly great? The answers to questions such as these are determined not by superficial criteria like fame, status or wealth, but by the inner reality of one's life. The crucial factor is whether or not one's life shines with victory and is filled with happiness. We must have a correct perspective on this issue.

NOTHING is more important than having a sincere and honest mind, especially in the world of faith. In fact, having such a mind in your attitude towards the Gohonzon and Nichiren Daishonin is the source of boundless fortune.

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29th April

WE should not forget that the most important thing is to accumulate the treasures of the heart by treasuring and upholding the Law. I hope that you will live your lives each day accumulating the treasures of the heart and adorning your existence with the treasures of faith.

THE age when silence is considered an indication of wisdom is over. The age of the people means an age of dialogue, a time when people must share their opinions and discuss matters over and over again. You must never withdraw into your own world of quiet contemplation. Such withdrawal leads to defeat in life.

THERE is only one way to become a good leader, and that is to model yourself after a good leader. It is to be in perfect accord with a good leader. In the broadest sense, this truth applies to every field of human endeavour. It is even truer in Buddhism, which is based on the way of mentor and disciple.

LIFE is a struggle with ourselves; it is a tug-of-war between moving forward and regressing, between happiness and unhappiness. Those short on will power or self-motivation should chant daimoku and pray with conviction to become a person of strong will, a person who can tackle any problem with real seriousness and determination.

GAINING educational qualifications, titles or position in society are but a means for attaining happiness; they do not constitute happiness in and of themselves. The most important thing is faith.

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28th April

THE important thing is how deeply we can be aware of our personal mission. This is the standard that determines the depth and greatness of our lives. Being aware of our mission gives birth to strength and hope and becomes the driving force that enables us to move forward through life's difficulties. Everyone has a mission in life. Not a single human being is without one. What determines the course of your life is whether you are awakened to that mission or not.

NAM-MYOHO-RENGE-KYO is the sound of the great rhythm of the universe. It is also the heart and essence of the universe. The Mystic Law is the source of all change. That is why when we chant the Mystic Law - Nam-myoho-renge-kyo - we can activate the universal force to support us.

THE present moment is important, not some time in the future. We must strive to cultivate the kind of faith where we can constantly advance with an awareness that now is the time to deepen our faith, to change our karma. This will allow us to accumulate causes for our happiness, the results of which will naturally follow.

I can say that people of first-class ability express themselves clearly. Looking into the listener's eyes, they express their opinions in a forthright and dignified way. In addition, they completely capture the heart of the listener with their rich expressions and great wit. They always possess spiritual latitude and place special emphasis on courtesy. It is my hope that you as well will develop into such first-class individuals.

RATHER than seeking fame and glory, we should strive to establish an indestructible "palace" of happiness within our lives through sincere faith.

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27th April

NO matter what difficulties may beset you at present, you should proudly continue to advance forward, always taking action and cherishing fresh hope for the future. Please be convinced that as long you embrace the Mystic Law, the time will come when you will heartily feel glad that you have persevered and been able to surmount the worst of circumstances.

THERE are many honours and decorations in the world. Correct faith, however, is the decoration of life that will adorn your existence throughout eternity.

IT takes courage to become happy - courage to remain true to one's convictions, courage not to be defeated by one's weaknesses and negativity, courage to take swift action to help those who suffering. It is through such daily efforts that your true beauty as a human being shines forth.

WE should focus on specific prayers as we do gongyo. Gongyo is the most basic practice of faith. And given the principle of the true entity of all phenomena, our attitude towards gongyo is a reflection of our faith. Therefore, please get into the habit of doing gongyo in such a solemn yet invigorating manner that anyone seeing you will be struck by your dignity and vibrant life force.

AS practitioners of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism, we have faith and we have ideals. We are leading truly happy and fulfilling lives. Now is the perfect opportunity for us to widely spread the philosophy and ideals of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism. Let’s rise to this challenge!

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26th April

BUDDHISM is reason. And faith is manifested in daily life. Getting enough sleep so that we can wake up refreshed and ready for the new day's challenges is very important for good health. We practise Buddhism so that we can enjoy good health and happiness.

IT is important to be wise. Having people point out your shortcomings and help you weed out your bad habits at the root, is in the long run, a great help to you. If the roots of those bad habits remain, they will gradually begin to affect your life more and more adversely, moving you in a harmful destructive direction.

ONLY women who possess a philosophy that allows them to have a sound view of life, society and the universe, will be able to open a true "era of women". Without such a solid philosophy, you will not be able to make lasting contributions to society nor lead your families and those around you to happiness.

YOU are all important people who are opening the path to a new age in your respective countries. In order that you may fulfil that mission, please apply yourselves to and make a thorough study of all important issues in life. I hope that, taking the lead, you will diligently work to polish your intelligence and character.

IT is important to bring about what one has determined; herein lies the Buddhist practice. This is the key to one's happiness and to advancing one's human revolution.

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25th April

HEARTFELT words of encouragement help people grow. One's compassion, stemming from strong faith and sense for kosen-rufu reverberates in the hearts of others.

THERE are many honours and decorations in the world. Correct faith, however, is the decoration of life that will adorn your existence throughout eternity.

DEVELOPING a state of life where you have the capacity to understand and appreciate the feelings of your parents and family, instead of getting into arguments with them, to feel a sense of gratitude for all that your parents have done for you, and to be able to genuinely treasure and care for them - this is proof of one's faith.

THE greater the struggle, the more enriching the experience is for one's life. That said, however, if you immediately set out to climb a high peak without any preparation, the challenge could be beyond you. You may be forced to abandon your ascent, lose your way or suffer from altitude sickness! It might be better to first attempt a goal more suited to your level.

AS we strive to realise the widespread propagation of the Mystic Law, the three powerful enemies and the three obstacles and four devils will invariably arise, vying with one another to hinder our progress. Battling these negative forces constitutes the great path to attaining Buddhahood. Through exerting ourselves bravely to surmount various obstacles, we can forge outstanding character. Without such challenges, we would be armchair Buddhists; our faith would be nothing but an empty formality.

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24th April

EACH morning and evening, I am earnestly chanting daimoku for our members in Japan and around the world, with the prayer that they will not be defeated, that they will absolutely triumph. I would like every single member without exception to be a great victor. This is my true and honest wish.

A river meanders but never stops. This is the natural way of things. Similarly, if you make continuous efforts, your personality will improve slowly but steadily. The key is to keep moving forward and never stops.

IF your fighting spirit is destroyed, the palace of your heart will also crumble into ruin. Just as water leaks from a damaged vessel, your benefits and good fortune will drain away. It is precisely because we want to prevent this from happening that we continue to encourage one another to fight on in our struggle.

STRUGGLE is the unchanging reality of life and of the universe. Therefore, we must not be defeated. In our daily lives and in the movement of kosen-rufu, it is imperative that for the sake of ourselves and our juniors, we wage a thorough going struggle and achieve victory. Then we will become persons of belief and practitioners of Buddhism in the truest sense.

OUR way of faith based on the Mystic Law leads to the attainment of kosen-rufu to benefit all people throughout the ten thousand years and more of the Latter Day of the Law. It is the way to create a new era in the history of mankind, one based on respect for the dignity of human existence. This is the mountain of kosen-rufu on which we venture our lives.

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23rd April

THE true teaching of Buddhism is in no way divorced from daily life or society. Its vitality lies in the proof of faith that unfolds in the midst of society as a result of one's efforts in daimoku and other aspects of our Buddhist practice.

IN the midst of your efforts to spread the Mystic Law, tremendous vitality wells forth from the depths of your life. The Mystic Law is the ultimate 'beneficial medicine'. I hope that all of you will live showing proof of the majestic power of the Buddha and the Law.

IT is in the course of our earnest personal struggles that we build a glorious palace for good fortune that survives throughout the past, present and future. You must not permit yourself to destroy that castle through foolish carelessness. Nichiren Daishonin admonished, "Strengthen your faith day by day and month after month. Should you slacken even a bit, demons will take advantage."

BY chanting daimoku, we can cleanse and purify our lives of negativity and impurities. We can lead everything in the direction of happiness. For example, a person’s shyness may be transformed into valuable qualities such as prudence and discretion, while someone's impatience might be transformed into a knack for getting things done quickly and efficiently.

LIFE is a struggle. Since that is true, let us make it a victorious one! Everything starts from here. This is the spirit of those who from the time of their youth have upheld philosophy and a bright, determined sense of mission. It is the spirit of those who embark on a profound, humanistic struggle for the happiness of their fellow human beings.

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22nd April

IT is important to energetically advance based on the two ways of practice and study - that is, striving in our Buddhist practice and studying the teachings of Buddhism. We must not simply go through the motions, carrying out our organisational activities out of force of habit. We must actively practise Nichiren Daishonin's teachings ourselves and teach others about them as well, working to advance kosen-rufu as the Daishonin instructed.

LIFE is a chain. All things are related. When any link in that chain is harmed, others will be affected. We should think of the environment as our Mother - Mother Soil, Mother Sea and Mother Earth. There is no crime worse than harming one's own mother.

IT is when people are alone that you can tell whether or not they are the genuine article. A person of true substance is one who stands up alone. As long as you are merely treading water in the crowd, your position, no matter how enviable, is as insubstantial as a dream. The Buddha stands up alone. It is when we, too, stand up alone in our respective situations that we can become Buddhas.

MY most sincere hope is for your happiness. Taking care of your health, please live a long, wonderful existence in which all desires are fulfilled. The days that you dedicate for the cause of kosen-rufu are days of unsurpassed value. By living in this way, you will as a matter of course enjoy good health.

KOSEN-RUFU does not lie off in the distance. Sincerity and generous humanity towards those around you is the first step.

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21st April

WE train our lives on the most fundamental level through conducting morning and evening gongyo, and by devoting ourselves to the practice of Buddhism for ourselves and for others. It is by steadily training ourselves in this fashion that we will be able to achieve great victory in our "war of independence", that is kosen-rufu.

I hope that all of you will continue struggling to fulfil your mission so that you can adorn your life with victory for the sake of the Law. I fervently wish that, always maintaining a youthful spirit, you will lead a fulfilled and noble existence, completely free of any cause for regrets. Herein lies the essence of faith and the spirit of SGI.

BUDDHISM means being victorious; it is a struggle. Life, too, is a struggle. Therefore, only by persevering and winning can we attain true happiness.

HEALTH is a daily effort, a combination of strong prayer and careful, practical action. Please live out your lives to the fullest. Doing so is a great challenge. Live long lives. No matter what happens, live vigourously right to the end, so that you can look back over your life and say, "What a wonderful life I had!" That is the true meaning of a healthy life.

EVERYTHING in life is part of our training; it is for our own benefit and development. We must resolve to accumulate, right now, in the situation we find ourselves at this moment, everlasting good fortune for ourselves as well as for our families and relatives. The human revolution of a single individual can transform everything in a direction leading towards happiness, hope and peace. Please advance joyfully and in high spirits.

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20th April

IN the realm of faith, we are all equal. The strict law of cause and effect is undiscriminating.

IT is also important that we live cheerfully. With a strong spirit of optimism, we need to be able to continually direct our minds in a bright, positive and beneficial direction, and help those around us to do so too. We should strive to develop a state of life where we can feel a sense of joy, no matter what happens.

WHEN you are earnest in your desire to raise and educate others, you too will grow. The person who leaves no stone unturned in the search for talented individuals, who earnestly prays for them, connects them to senior members, and thus educated them is truly an asset to the organisation.

WHETHER or not we feel complete satisfaction in fulfilling our own mission depends solely on how we put the finishing touches on it during the last years of our lives. No matter how favourable and smooth an existence you may have led, should you fail to bring it to a complete fulfilment, your past efforts will have been in vain. I hope that you will triumph in overcoming the hindrances of karma and live powerfully throughout your life for the sake of your eternal victory.

THOSE who carry out their faith sincerely and protect this Buddhism with the most serious determination will without doubt be protected by the Buddhist gods and will be able to lead a life in which "all desires are fulfilled".

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19th April

HONEST and continuing dialogue with a single person is important. In these efforts, requiring perseverance and courage, there lies the brilliant possibility of kosen-rufu's unlimited expansion.

FROM the standpoint of our practice, an attitude of wishing to live long so that one may work that much more for the sake of others could be considered a vivid expression of faith.

IT all comes down to you. Not others. You must build a solid foundation within your own life. And as you grapple to overcome various problems and sufferings along the ways, you must strive to accomplish all that you have set out to achieve. This suffering is the flesh and bones of a leader. It will become the treasure of your life.

NOTHING is wasted in faith. One never loses out. Please be confident that all your efforts to help others and to promote Buddhism are accumulating immense treasures of good fortune in your life. This is what is meant by inconspicuous benefit.

ADVANCE preparation is very important. Whether you are heading out for a discussion meeting or to introduce Buddhism to others, or whether you are going to work, it is the person who prepares in advance who succeeds. The most important and fundamental preparation is gongyo and daimoku. Chanting to the Gohonzon with a strong determination to succeed is the best preparation of all.

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18th April

NICHIREN DAISHONIN repeatedly taught that benefit flows forth when we strive against evil for the sake of kosen-rufu; when we do not, it does not. And he urged us to follow his example. The SGI is an “organisation of kosen-rufu" acting in complete accord with the Daishonin's teachings. It is an organisation of supreme human unity.

TO the extent that in the present we take action, in our next lives and the next, and the ones after that, we will be reborn as great leaders of society, as great scientists, great writers, people of wealth, great scholars, as anonymous champions of the people. Assuming all kinds of appearances, we will lead people to enlightenment based on the Mystic Law.

WHEN faced with 10 trials, you must call forth the strength to conquer 20. When faced with 100 obstacles, you must summon the power to overcome 200. That is faith; that is the Soka Gakkai spirit.

WHETHER one can understand the time and take valuable action accordingly depends on the depth of a person's awareness of his/her mission, the greatness of his/her state of life, and the profundity of his/her wisdom.

BUCKLE down to your present task, giving it your all. Through such efforts, you will be able to develop fresh confidence and open up new prospects for the future.

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17th April

TO exert oneself in the organisation is the best training. The sense of responsibility this entails cultivates one's humanity, and raises his capability to higher level.

IF you realise the significance of the present time, joy and firm determination will well forth in your life, and you will experience a profound sense of gratitude. Your faith will become solid and your mind settles on advancing together with the organisation on the direct path to kosen-rufu. Practising faith based on a perception of the significance of time is the key to developing a state of life crowned by the four virtues of eternity, happiness, true self and joy.

PEOPLE of first-class calibre possess both understanding capabilities and character. They have integrity. Therefore, you must confront and challenge every situation not with some flimsy ruse but with the full force of your character. You must live with honesty and integrity and produce solid results. You must set your sights on a great objective and fight to achieve it with your whole being and spirit.

HUMAN relationship problems are opportunities for you to grow and mature. Such problems can be character building if you do not let them defeat you. That is why it is important not to isolate yourself. No one can exist apart from others. Remaining aloof from others cultivates only selfishness, and that that accomplishes nothing.

BUDDHISM teaches the importance of the present and the future. The purpose of Buddhism and faith is for us to always be able to advance from today towards tomorrow filled with hope, taking positive steps for the future. We must never forget this crucial point.

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16th April

THE foundation of health is strong faith, which enables us to draw forth strong life force, triumph over harmful, negative forces and transform our karma. Nichiren Daishonin famously declared, "Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is like the roar of a lion. What sickness can therefore be an obstacle?" (WND, p412)

IN all things, patience is the key to victory. Those who cannot endure cannot hope to win. Ultimate triumph belongs to those who can forebear.

THE way of mentor and disciple means an absolute commitment. A person who is all words and no action can never understand this fact. It is a solemn and exacting relationship. It is a matter of one's mind. The extent to which you can tap the infinite power of the Mystic Law is also determined by your mind, or attitude, in faith.

ALL things have their appointed time - cherry trees flower in the spring, and leaves turn crimson-red in the autumn. For better or worse, no one can escape the rhythm of time. What we can do is to perceive the nature of the present time.

IT is no easy feat for a seed which has been planted in one life to blossom into huge flower of happiness and bear the fruit of Buddhahood. To nurture our seed of Buddhahood, we must do daily gongyo and chant daimoku, receive correct guidance and encouragement, and study the gosho.

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15th April

BUDDHISM is reason, and even though you may embrace faith in the Gohonzon, you cannot progress without making effort. Rather, because you practise this faith you should redouble your effort.

WITH regards to the method of spreading the Buddhist teaching, I can see that teaching and transmitting Buddhist ideas to a wide audience through the media may indeed be one method, but to really engage each person’s heart and mind I am convinced that one-to-one dialogue is the only method. And in fact, the propagation efforts of our movement have been based on the method of personal, one-to-one contact, which has resulted in the spread of the teachings across the globe.

ONLY when you make positive efforts to develop and cultivate yourself is the true practice of the Law possible. What matters most are people. What matters is doing your human revolution. Only when you constantly struggle to achieve your own human revolution can you become a leader for a religion dedicated to the welfare of humanity.

A stone wall that seems infinitely high when seen from the ground appears no more than a slightly raised boundary line when viewed from an airplane. Similarly, if your life-condition changes for the better, so will the way you view and respond to things. You will find yourself surmounting every adversity and hardship with composure, and thoroughly enjoying the drama of life.

DIALOGUE must be conducted in a spirit of equality, with the parties involved respecting each other as equals. It must be a mutual exchange where the parties speak the truth and actual fact, and not just spout one-sided propaganda. In any event, such truly genuine dialogue is to be found in our efforts to talk to others about Buddhism and share with them our practice.

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14th April

HOPE and courage do not lie somewhere far out of reach, nor are they bestowed on us from without. Anyone who align themselves with the Mystic Law can tap from within their lives an indomitable state of being as vast as the universe and make it shines forth with sun-like brilliance wherever they may be. Here we find a philosophy of the highest humanism for which the world has been yearning and waiting.

IT is not a matter of leading a timid and weak existence, seeking to avoid obstacles and difficulties. Rather, we should have the spirit, "Come what may, I will survive!" "I will climb another mountain! And the more I climb, the more I can enjoy my life, and the more people I can help become happy." Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism is the teaching for leading the ultimate "active life".

FAITH encompasses everything - responsibility, compassion, wisdom, good fortune, life force and personality. Advancing in faith, in step with the times and always striving to make greater efforts, is the true practice of the Buddhism of the True Cause.

IT may be perfectly natural for ordinary men and women to pray for many practical benefits in daily lives. Nevertheless, we must profoundly note the Daishonin's wish that the core of our faith should always be the desire to be a Buddha. Born as ordinary human beings, the Daishonin is showing us the true goal as human beings.

BY correctly embracing the Gohonzon throughout our lives, we can manifest Buddhahood, the supreme condition of life, in lifetime after lifetime. In order to receive such benefit, to embrace the Gohonzon is the single precept that we must observe. This is termed in Buddhism the precept of the diamond chalice, a precept which, like a diamond, is impossible to break.

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13th April

WHEN doing home visitation, one should behave with good sense. Even with close friends, courteous behaviour is the first step to gaining understanding and trust.

WE must not try to make the merits and good fortune that we accumulate through our daimoku our own possession and keep them to ourselves. The unlimited merits of the Mystic Law transcend the narrow bounds of the self and spread out to encompass others and the entire universe. It is important to use them in a way that benefits society.

HUMANITY cannot be manifested by merely flattering others or trying to gain popularity; rather it is determined by how much you have prayed for your juniors and how hard you have exerted yourself for their welfare. That earnestness emanates from you - and it is this which impresses and moves others. For profound faith is the essence of a person's humanity.

EVERYONE without exception seeks happiness and peace. One person may pursue "treasures of the storehouse", while another pursues "treasures of the body" such as status and wealth. But true happiness lies in accumulating "treasures of the heart". And the substance of the treasures of the heart is a great state of life totally dedicated to faith.

THE times are changing ever more rapidly with each passing year. Darkness and confusion grow ever deeper. For that very reason, I hope you will all triumph with strong faith and resolute action. In accord with the Buddhist principle of "consistency from beginning to end", your victory will determine the victory for all future generations. This is the formula for winning in Buddhism. Now is the time for you to solidly secure the cause the victory in your own lives.

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12th April

WE can have all the power, wealth or fame in the world, but that alone would not assure us of happiness that will endure throughout eternity or allow us to create universal value. It may not be even enough to secure our happiness in this lifetime. Our true worth is determined by the philosophy and principles we cherish and by our views and attitudes towards life, society and human existence.

BUDDHISM is a search for eternal happiness. Please calmly survey the ever changing, evanescent world from the lofty perspective of faith and remain true to your beliefs and convictions. We must follow our chosen path. Let’s continue to make our way on the great road to eternal happiness and eternal development.

YOUR position in the organisation is not what is important. What is important is your growth as an individual. The SGI is an organisation that bases itself on humanistic principles. We cannot lead others by orders or commands. The only way to lead them is by examples of our humanity.

HAVING faith does not mean that you can rest easy and spend your entire life proceeding along the Great Way to Buddhahood. If your faith is faith in name alone, it has no true merits. Worse yet, in most cases you will face that most important event, your own death, in great suffering. Such faith is of no use at all. Once you have been blessed with an encounter with the True Law, you should devote the rest of your life, without regrets, to seeking the Way. That is our duty as those who have accepted the True Law; it is our life.

WHETHER we are defeated by our environment or whether we possess the strength necessary to clear a path through whatever difficulties our environment may present, is an important ingredient in achieving happiness.

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11th April

THE real greatness of human beings lies not in being active on the gorgeous stages. A person who lives his/her life to fulfil his/her own mission, whether in a remote region or in some inconspicuous field of society, is the most valuable person.

IN every field, there is shallow and profound. It is the same in life. Do you live for yourself alone, or for a greater purpose and value? It is easy to live thinking only of yourself. But to live for a greater ideal requires steadfast commitment and courage. The question is whether you have that determination and courage or not. In that is revealed your true worth as a person.

JUST being good-natured is not enough. In the final analysis, if you are good-natured but fail to combat injustice, you cannot protect the people. Instead, you will tend to be taken lightly, enabling those who perpetrate injustice to only grow stronger.

IF we do not read books, our brains and minds go uncultivated. Visual images alone are too transitory, too shallow, to cultivate our mental powers. On the other hand, if we do read books but only mindless ones, we will become mindless people. Making an effort to read good books is very important.

COWARDICE is also the fundamental nature of all those who have betrayed the SGI over the years. There is no more pitiful characteristic for a human being to possess than cowardice.

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10th April

BECAUSE people are wise, they are maligned. Because people are just and upright, they are defamed. You may also encounter slander and abuse because of your faith in Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism, but never let this shock or intimidate you.

OPPOSING good is called evil; opposing evil is called good. Therefore, outside of the heart there is neither good nor evil. Good and evil in themselves have no substance. In other words, they are in themselves not absolute, but reflect relative distinctions. It is important, therefore, to ceaselessly direct one’s heart, and take action, towards good.

TRULY admirable is the person who wants to train and educate his/her juniors so that they can surpass him/her. Such a person is a true asset. Those who willingly help their juniors develop and become great individuals, while smilingly supporting and watching their growth, are leaders among leaders.

DAY after day, a new sun rises on the lives of those who uphold the Mystic Law. A vigourous and rich life force wells up in them. They feel younger year by year, and their lives are filled with good fortune even in their last years. We can see, then, that Buddhism shows us the way to solve various problems which we confront as our society ages.

IRRESPECTIVE of your level of erudition, the brilliance of your academic career or height of your social status, you should learn about matters of faith from someone who has truly deep faith. Trying to understand faith based on your own views is extremely risky.

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9th April

THE invocation of daimoku is the driving force to enliven and revitalise one's life, constantly spurring it on. Daimoku will turn suffering into a spring-board for growth and progress.

STUDY is a kind of contest. In a contest, whether it is in the arts, in sports or in work, you are bound to be defeated if you lose the will, the energy, that drives you on to the finish line. You must never allow yourself to be held back by the past, never forget to always press forward, starting here, starting now, starting today.

BUDDHISM is winning, and then winning again. When you win you must be sure not to create a cause for future defeat. For it is precisely when you win that you must create a cause that will lead yet to another victory.

WE must not be cowardly. Time and again, Nichiren Daishonin admonished his followers, "Nichiren's disciples cannot accomplish anything if they are cowardly." (WND, p 481) A cowardly person cannot realise victory in life. Unless we have the courage to really dedicate our lives to kosen-rufu, we cannot construct true happiness for ourselves and others.

IT is important to live with tenacity, right to the very end, to boldly write your own history in your own unique way. There is no need for you to be resentful or jealous of others. We possess the Gohonzon, unsurpassed in the world. And we are able to freely tap the infinite treasures that exist within our lives.

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8th April

IT is important to live true to yourself. If you become strong, then no matter how trying your present situation may be, you will not be daunted by it. Even if you are struggling financially now, as long as you continue making efforts based on faith, you will eventually find that you have the money you need. Even the most painful and difficult situations will, when viewed from the distance of time, seem like the events of a dream.

THOSE who have let power and popularity gone into their heads lead empty, vacuous lives. Fancy titles and accolades are ephemeral. But the names of those who strive earnestly for the people's happiness and welfare, undeterred by criticism and personal attacks, shine ever more brightly as the years go by.

IT is those who make the mentor's heart their own and put that into practice in reality that are truly great. Wherever you may be, whatever your position, as long as you realise this truth you will be able to conduct yourself admirably as a disciple.

WHAT is important is that you will not be defeated by the inner tendency to despair over your circumstances. Just as not to suffer misfortunes is to be fortunate, not to be defeated is to win. No matter what happens, you must absolutely not allow yourself to be defeated. That is what faith means.

IN faith, one must not be swayed by cowardice. Those who are shaken from the correct path of belief by the eight winds of worldly glories and sufferings and abandon faith can in no way be called followers of the Bodhisattvas of the Earth.

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7th April

ABOVE all, if you are a follower of the Bodhisattvas of the Earth, you must have a firm resolve in faith. You must fortify your heart with the armour of forbearance to endure the onslaught of difficulties which we are bound to face.

KOSEN-RUFU will advance to the extent that you talk about the Law and share it with others. How can one speak about the Mystic Law in a way that captures and penetrate the hearts of others? It is not figures of speech that touch the other person's heart, but one's sincere cry of belief.

WE must put our heart in rhythm with one another and have a profound sense of responsibility for our mission; we must pray, contemplate what must be done, and then act. If our hearts are distanced from one another, we can achieve nothing.

IN the Gosho we find the passage, "If you light a lantern for another, it will also brighten your own way." In an aging society, the spirit of lighting a lantern for others is very important. In the end, it means brightening your own way as well.

THERE is no need to lament when criticised for doing good. This is even truer with regards to our efforts to introduce Buddhism to others, an act of the highest good. Nichiren Daishonin also said that we should rejoice when we encounter obstacles. This is the SGI spirit.

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6th April

IF everything is smooth sailing right from the beginning, we cannot become people of substance and character. By surmounting painful setbacks and obstacles, we can create a brilliant history of triumph that will shine forever. That is what makes life so exciting and enjoyable. In any field of endeavour, those who overcome hardships and grow as human beings are advancing towards success and victory in life.

A person of few words is likely to have far more substance and depth than someone who talks just for the sake of hearing their own voice! Someone who takes action swiftly and effectively is a great deal more trustworthy than someone who is all talk. Of far greater importance than whether one is quiet or talkative is whether or not one possesses rich inner substance.

EVEN though we embrace faith in the Gohonzon, things are not suddenly going to improve without any effort on our part. When we break through our deadlocks with daimoku, when we encounter yet another seemingly insurmountable wall and conquer it with faith - each time elevating our inner state of mind a little further as we do so - we will steadily but surely grow into "great trees" of truth and wisdom.

ELOQUENCE basically means power of persuasion. Verbosity is not the same as eloquence. It is often said that salespersons who speak awkwardly get better results than those who are fast talkers. Being persuasive does not come from smooth talking but it is a matter of the overall degree of trust others place in you. If you cannot gain the person's trust, you will not be truly persuasive or eloquent.

YOUTH should never be swept away by superficial fame or materialistic greed. Youth should not have the mind of an old man who cunningly manages to pass hard work on to others and seeks only personal gain. Justice, courage and passion constitute the lifeblood and privilege of youth.

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5th April

MEETINGS between people are very important in life. In a sense, life is a succession of meetings with many individuals. Some meetings will be forgotten as time passes, but some can instantly become an impetus to change your life. Therefore, we should always try to attach the utmost importance when meeting with people.

ONLY when you thoroughly polish your life does your true self become manifest, and the diamond of individuality shine forth from the depths of your being. This "flowering of humanity" is certainly not something that can be attained on the level of politics or economics; even education has certain limitations. Herein lies the profound significance of your practice of faith, which cultivates and polishes our life itself.

WHEN you yourself stand with deep and invincible faith, you will be able to overcome everything, no matter what situation you may find yourself in. You can be victorious in all things when you yourself change, grow, and take on responsibility. Everything boils down to you yourself.

FAITH enables us to attain the kind of generous and all-embracing state of mind where we can enjoy everything in our lives. As Nichiren Daishonin said, faith in the Mystic Law is the "greatest of all joys". (Gosho Zenshu, p 788)

IT is an illusion to think that we can find happiness by going to some other place, far away from our present reality. Our happiness is determined by our mindset. If we resolve that the place where we are right now is the perfect place for carrying out our Buddhist practice, and if we challenge ourselves there, then that place will become the "Capital of Eternally Tranquil Light". It will shine as a bright citadel of happiness.

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4th April

WE of the SGI who propagates the Mystic Law are the emissaries of the Buddha and the emanations of the Daishonin. Consequently, no matter how tumultuous the times, we who are equals of the Buddha will never be unhappy or defeated by hardship. That is why I hope, whatever happens, you will always keep pressing forward, ever forward, in high spirits.

AGE is not an excuse for giving up. If you allow yourself to grow passive and draw back, it is a sign of personal defeat. There may be a retirement age at work, but there is no retirement age in life. How, then, could there be any "going into retirement" in the world of faith? The Mystic Law is eternal, spanning across the three existences of past, present and future, and one of the benefits of faith is perennial youth and eternal life.

WHEN viewed from the long perspective of a whole lifetime, or from the eternity of the three existences of past, present and future, the prayers we make based on faith in the Gohonzon will all be answered without the slightest doubt. Our earnest ichinen of faith will definitely bring forth clear results. That is precisely why faith is of such fundamental importance in all things.

I would like to say that you should each strive to become the foremost person in some field of endeavour. To contribute to kosen-rufu, a person must have some kind of special ability at his/her disposal for that purpose. You must train yourself and develop your ability to the degree, that you can become a person whose contribution is essential to the advance of kosen-rufu.

JEALOUSY is one of the ugliest of emotions; it causes people to deviate from the correct course of action and leads them to destruction.

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3rd April

SOMEONE with good fortune will climb the ladder of success in life just as a kite filled with wind vigourously rises into the sky. However, once one’s good fortune becomes exhausted, one will begin to tumble down the slope of misfortune. Correct faith is the driving force that enables you to accumulate unlimited fortune and benefit.

BY making efforts now, out of a sense of responsibility to accomplish kosen-rufu, to win the understanding of others and advance towards victory, refined wisdom will well forth in your life. I hope that, by developing the power and cogency of expression that enable you to touch the heart of many friends, you will create waves of fresh wisdom in society and amid the realities of your daily life.

BUDDHISM expounds that this world in which we live is a place where we must endure various sufferings. It is therefore vital to persevere tenaciously despite the many problems we are sure to encounter in the course of our life, continuing to carry out gongyo and chant daimoku with persistence no matter what. What a wonderful thing it is to possess such faith! Faith has nothing to do with formality or ritual; it depends on one’s heart, one's mind. It depends on one's conviction.

WE are all Bodhisattvas of the Earth. As such, the Buddha and bodhisattvas throughout the 10 directions and the three existence of past, present and future - all the protective functions of the universe - will support us and keep us from harm cheering us on and applauding our efforts. Let us continue to advance boldly together down this eternal path of glory.

THERE may be people who appear to have higher social status or seem to be happier than you, but the person who believes in and propagates the Mystic Law is already the happiest person in the world and a great leader. Why? Because the Mystic Law is the path to absolute happiness. It is a teaching that awakens us to the truth that all living beings are Buddhas. Nothing surpasses the Mystic Law - this is the truth conveyed in Nichiren Daishonin's writings.

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2nd April

PRESIDENT TODA once said to me, "Nothing is more frightening than human jealousy. Nothing is more fearful than the evil and destructive forces that reside in the human heart. For that reason, you must become strong. You must live with such conviction that you have no regrets!" I would like to present these words to the members of the Youth Division, whom I cherish deeply. I call on you, "Uphold the banner of truth and justice! Always be courageous!"

FAME, social status, material wealth, knowledge - all are ephemeral and powerless in the face of death's inexorable reality. When we believe in the Mystic Law, we can make the final moment a majestic conclusion to a wonderful life and at the same time a fresh departure for our next wonderful existence, without death being a cause of suffering.

BENEFIT rapidly accumulates in the lives of those who possess a mind of faith that sincerely yearns for kosen-rufu, as if retained in a seamless vessel fashioned of gold. If one does not have a firm mind of faith, however, no matter what efforts one makes, all of one’s good fortune will trickle away, as if in a vessel filled with holes.

THE time changes quickly, and what has hitherto passes for common sense soon becomes absolute. Therefore, in promoting kosen-rufu, the wisdom to continually create new value is indispensable. At the same time, you must acquire the wisdom to use fresh and vivid expressions, and make Buddhism live in the context of society.

FOR a person who embraces the Mystic Law, confronting and overcoming great difficulties causes his/her bad karma to manifest and then be eliminated. We should have absolute confidence in the great power of the Gohonzon which enables us to definitely overcome whatever obstacle we may encounter.

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1st April

ONE is not a leader merely because he/she gives orders to many people. A great leader means somebody who works hard behind the scenes and puts others in the limelight.

IN this age of globalisation, neither individuals nor nations can survive in isolation. In as much as we are a part of this world, we will incur obligations to countless other people and nations. Obligation is the manifestation of the spirituality that naturally sustains and lubricates the workings of humanity and society; we may call it the essence of humanity.

YOUR inner state of life is what determines your happiness, not status or wealth. When you cultivate a vast, all-encompassing state of life, you will experience abundant joy. Nichiren Daishonin stated, "Faith alone is what really matters." Your mind of faith is what determines your happiness throughout the three existences of life.

WITHOUT courage, we cannot be compassionate. Courage and compassion are inseparable, like the two sides of a coin. And faith is the well-spring from which courage springs.

PLEASE treat everyone you have a connection with, including your own parents, with utmost respect. I hope you will work to broaden our network of friendship and trust with open and generous hearts. The more you do so, the greater the benefit you will receive, the further kosen-rufu will advance and the more expansive your own state of life will become.

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