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30th November

NICHIREN DAISHONIN taught that the Mystic Law possesses limitless power, permeating the entire universe. You already embrace the Mystic Law. Therefore, it is certain that you will enjoy prosperity and good fortune.

IT is important to continue your faith for first ten, then twenty and then thirty years. If you sincerely and straightforwardly strive in your faith, continuing to do so for thirty years, the roots of good fortune will sink deeply into your life and a great flower of happiness will definitely bloom.

THE two phases of life and death are inseparable. Through faith we are able to fill both phases with limitless happiness and contentment. The original Buddha guaranteed that the Mystic Law is the supreme staff that one may use eternally over the three existences of life.

THE true mission of religion is to give society joy and a sense of security. Moreover, the mission of Buddhist leaders is to give members delight and confidence. If you exert yourself as a leader without begrudging your life, encourage your friends warmly, encounter them with a smile, admire them and instill confidence in them, you can create a comfortable community where no impasse may thwart the advance of kosen-rufu.

THE power of one person is truly immense. Such power and strength cannot fail to become manifest in those who awaken to their mission as Bodhisattvas of the Earth. Such confidence is the point of departure for everything.

“THOSE with the heart of a lion king are sure to attain Buddhahood.” (WND, p302) Let us rise up and roar as lions! This is Nichiren Daishonin’s teaching. I hope that you will continue to strive even more vigourously with the indomitable heart of a lion king and surmount any and all obstacles you may encounter.

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29th November

THOSE who can always resolve, "I will make a new departure!", "I will construct something new!" will be victorious in the end. By contrast, those who think, "I have done enough already," are leading the lives of defeat.

ALL of our prayers and activities for kosen-rufu become good fortune and virtue that adorn our lives. And our life itself embodies the true entity of the Mystic Law. We are able to help many people form connections with Buddhism only to the extent that we take action and speak out.

IN Buddhism, zenchishiki, or good friends, are essential. You cannot seek the Way if you make mistakes in choosing who to follow. Only when you follow the proper leaders of kosen-rufu can you make great strides in developing yourself.

WHEN we fundamentally change our own lives through the great good of the Mystic Law and enable others to do the same, then even acts of medium and minor good will all come to have significant effect and value.

AS we advance towards kosen-rufu, the three obstacles and four devils (sansho shima) will definitely appear. Therefore, we must always be deeply determined to overcome any obstacle or hindrance to our accomplishing kosen-rufu and attaining Buddhahood.

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28th November

NICHIREN DAISHONIN stated in the Gosho, "Neither the pure land and hell exists outside ourselves; both lie within our own hearts." (MW2, p 239) Everything depends upon one's inner life, or ichinen. Therefore, what is important is one's heart. No matter how unfavourable the situation, it can be transformed into "the pure land" if you courageously address the problem by deciding that it is your Buddhist practice to develop yourself.

YOU must always maintain a seeking spirit. "Seeking the way" in Buddhism is an attitude that leads to profound happiness. Remember that a spirit to always seek the Law for the sake of your daily self-improvement is actual proof of your faith itself.

FAITH is the greatest of all treasures. Passing on correct faith to your children is the surest way for both parent and child and for the entire family as well, to walk the path of eternal happiness.

THE sun burns its own mass as fuel in order to illuminate the cosmic darkness, bring its light to the moon and the planets. Similarly, the courage of one individual who possesses a sprit that burns like the sun will touch and inspire countless others. This is the unchanging formula for achieving the spread of the Law, the most difficult of all undertakings.

TO encounter persecution because of one’s faith is in fact a wonderful thing. It is precisely one struggles to overcome hardships that one is able to create integrity. In an environment that is monotonous and placid, stagnancy and degeneration may overtake vivacity. It is because there are storms of great struggles that the blue sky of existence opens up and fresh vigour wells forth in one’s life.

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27th November

WHEN the seeds of Buddhahood are firmly rooted, they will naturally grow into a great tree of blessing and virtue, and produce the flowers and fruit of good fortune. In this way, I hope you will lead a life in which all desires are fulfilled. No matter what may happen, you must never cut the roots of your faith.

THE means to change hardship into happiness; suffering into growth; obstacles into development; and confusion into progress lies in our heart, in our single-minded determination. This is the essence of faith. Encountering a few difficulties is nothing at all to those who have solidly constructed their "inner kingdom".

CHALLENGE all difficulties with determination and composure. Those who persevere with unflagging passion and enthusiasm always win in the end. In contrast, those who give up and stop trying out of fear only wind up unhappy.

SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA exists in the lives of all those who are struggling for kosen-rufu. The power of the Bodhisattvas Universal Worthy and Medicine King – these are all contained in our lives. Therefore, wisdom cannot fail to well forth. We cannot possibly be defeated by the devil of illness. We are naturally able to manifest great life force.

THE bond of master and disciple is the prime point of life. It is not schooling that determines a person’s wisdom. In any age, in any world, the person who bases his or her life upon the master-disciple relationship is the one who will live life most wisely.

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26th November

LIFE is eternal. We need to focus on the two existences of the present and the future and not get caught up in the past. We must always have the spirit to begin anew "from this moment", to initiate a new struggle each day.

FAITH is not a matter of scholarly credentials. Nor is it a matter of understanding theory. Rather it comes down to conviction; infinite wisdom wells forth in the life of one who has faith of strong confidence in the Gohonzon.

HOW does one obtain the power to survive and break free from a restrictive destiny? The fundamental source of this power is nothing other than the Mystic Law, the Gohonzon and strong faith. In true Buddhism there is no sentimentality.

IN order to enjoy health and good fortune in your forties and fifties, in order to feel a sense of purpose and success in your daily endeavours, it is vital that you build a firm foundation for your life through your Buddhist practice while you are still young. For anything that is built on a weak foundation only crumbles.

A leader has to stand up in the vanguard. You must not simply leave everything up to others. It is the duty of leaders to rack their minds in an effort to enable everyone to advance with joy, self-confidence and soaring hope.

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25th November

GET up early in the morning and do gongyo. Fight productively and be full of enthusiasm in the evening, and get to bed earlier.

DO not look to others; look to yourself. If you make yours a meaningful life which you can say with calm objectively, "It was good. It was full of triumph," then you have lived a glorious life. The person with such a strong character is a happy person.

WHEN we are tired, we can sleep well. When we have worked hard, we can sleep all the more soundly. When we have worked at something with all our might, we are left with a sense of peace and well-being. Striving to realise our dreams is exhausting. But nothing is more satisfying or fulfilling.

BEHAVIOUR reveals faith. It might well be said that faith exists within action. If you take some action for the sake of other members, even though it might seem insignificant at the time, it will definitely come to assume brilliance over the course of time.

JUST because someone has a high standing in the organisation or status in society, that does not mean the person has faith. Someone who behaves arrogantly solely because he or she went to a prestigious school is the worst kind of person and is utterly lacking in character. Some people are flashy; some are modest. Some people have advanced degrees; some do not. Some people are wealthy; some are poor. While all people are different, the important question is who is truly happy.

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24th November

PRAYER is hope. It is the dawn of life. It sows the seeds of happiness. Those who challenge the future with prayer are sure to see continual improvement in their lives.

ALWAYS remember that victory or defeat in our battle to accomplish kosen-rufu depends upon a tremendous, diamond-like sense of indestructible determination engraved deep within the heart of each and every one of us. After all, Buddhism is "win" or "lose".

TO study the Gosho is to come into contact with the spirit of Nichiren Daishonin; it is to receive supreme encouragement and guidance directly from the original Buddha about faith and the propagation of Buddhism. Only when we take action in accord with the Gosho can we say that we have grasped the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism.

NICHIREN Buddhism is focused squarely on human beings. Tsunesaburo Makiguchi and Josei Toda, the first and second Soka Gakkai presidents, steadfastly spread the teaching among the people, who were labouring under extreme suffering. Buddhism and the advance of the SGI exist in dedicating ourselves to others and imparting joy, causing flowers of happiness and victory to blossom, and in unfurling the “banner of justice” in society.

THE prime of life for the men’s division is the time for putting the finishing touches on one’s life. Ultimate victory in life is determined by the extent to which one has struggled for kosen-rufu and for the happiness of others. Furthermore, all of one’s efforts become one’s eternal treasure. No efforts for the sake of faith are wasted. One can make one’s life shine only to the extent that one exerts oneself for the sake of the Law and for the sake of others.

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23rd November

FOR us who practise Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism, spiritual strength means the power of prayer. All kinds of things happen in the course of life. There are difficult times; times when we find ourselves deadlocked, times when we cannot see what lies ahead. For precisely this reason, we need to make prayer our foundation in life. Only with the sword of daimoku (prayer) can we defeat life's devilish functions.

HUMAN revolution, in other words, refers to raising one's gaze beyond one's restricted, ordinary, everyday world and striving for and dedicating oneself to achieving something more lofty, more profound, more all-embracing.

FOUNDING President Makiguchi said, "As human beings, we must continually advance. And we must do so with a sense of purpose. Of course, we will inevitably experience failure and make mistakes along the way. Such times are opportunities to self-reflect. Without self-reflection, we cannot progress. However, self-reflection is not the same as regret, even though they are often confused. Nothing can come of regret. Self-reflection leads to advancement." His words are truly profound.

DEVOTE yourselves and your lives to kosen-rufu, the noblest, eternal and imperishable labour. Never forget the glory of being one of the disciples of the Daishonin. Never lose the pride of being cubs of the Lion King.

THOSE of you who studied the profound Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin, teach the unhappy the way to happiness and guide and encourage those who are suffering, will actually enjoy a tremendous state of life, creating great value through your movement. You should also have pride that you have gained tremendous wisdom through your practice of true Buddhism.

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22nd November

DYNAMIC growth begins with a positive determination. An unflagging effort is the key to breaking through our self-limitations. Faith is a never-ending process of challenging ourselves.

HUMAN beings cannot grow without undergoing hardship. People cannot become great without struggling. Those who are not trained and tempered by difficulty will be lacking in fortitude. In this sense, those who possess firm resolve are strong. They do not waver. They do not grumble or complain. They do not have any regret. They never become stagnant.

KOSEN-RUFU is a battle for the sake of all humanity. That is why those who are devoted to kosen-rufu live lives that are open to the entire world and all humanity. Kosen-rufu is the sacred labour that is eternal and imperishable. That is why people who are devoted to kosen-rufu shine with eternal and imperishable light.

NEVER cause stupid accidents. Act with common sense.

PRESIDENT TODA said: “Youth who oversleep and arrive late for work in the morning will not succeed. Morning is crucial; it decides victory or defeat. Brim with lively energy amid the fresh breath of morning. Therein lies the key to great growth.” Youth who are tardy in the morning will not succeed in life. The success or failure of an organisation or group is decided by the kind of start it makes in the morning. This is a universal rule.

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21st November

NOT everything in life can turn out as you would like. There are times of winning and times of losing. However, even if you should suffer momentary loss, you must not be defeated by your own self. Those who lose the inner battle are most wretched. No matter what might happen, no matter what you might be told, no matter how difficult your present circumstances, as long as you win the battle with yourself, you will be a victor in life.

THERE is no greater happiness than chanting daimoku. A voice chanting the Mystic Law instantly reaches the farthest corners of the universe. The more we chant, and the more we teach others to do the same, the more we make it possible for ourselves to attain a state of life in which we can travel unhindered through the universe with perfect serenity and freedom. Daimoku is the source of good fortune and boundless life force throughout the three existences of past, present and future.

FAITH is a battle between the “Buddha” and “devils”. Since Myoho is a fundamental principle that leads to happiness, the battle between good and evil is severe, the conflict between happiness and suffering intense. Just when you think that there could not be any greater unhappiness; that is when real faith and tremendous joy begin to sprout. This is the true power of faith and the ultimate joy a human being can experience.

THE Mystic Law is eternal. So those who live in accord with this Law are eternal. The Mystic Law is vast and limitless. So those who live in accord with the Mystic Law are truly living with the vast and limitless state of mind equal to the universe.

GANDHI said: “If a man has a living faith in him, it spreads its aroma like the rose its scent.” A “living faith” lies not in abstract concepts or commandments; it is found in action and in practice. It means that our conduct is the embodiment of our faith.

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20th November

THOSE who make their homes available for discussion meetings are making a fundamental cause for the welfare and prosperity of themselves and their families. The more that people visit their homes, the more they will flourish. Similarly, those who actively go out to meet and interact with others lead lives that are always rich and open to new possibilities.

YOU have to possess the fortitude and the life force not to be defeated by anything. Those who do so will become winners in the end. Therefore, no matter what happens, you must always live as yourself and in a manner true to yourself. It is vital to create a self that is firm and unyielding like a wall of rock. This is the essence of faith.

THE important thing about life is what you live it for. We each have our life and a way we live it. It is important that in our particular situation we sense our duty or goal, and that we live true to ourselves to the very end.

IN learning, art, on the job, or in any field, it takes tremendous effort to become a first-rate individual. At times, you may have to put forth even tens of times the effort of those around you. If you lose the spirit of self-discipline, you will only fall into a cycle of complaint and criticism, failing to create any value or whatsoever.

EACH of you has been solemnly entrusted by the original Buddha, Nichiren Daishonin, with the realisation of kosen-rufu in your area in the 21st century. Please create a splendid and glorious history in the land of your mission.

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19th November

NO matter how many cowardly, crafty, dishonest, irresponsible and spiritually weak people you assemble, you cannot accomplish anything of value. All it takes is a single individual – a single individual earnestly striving in the field of his or her mission and is prepared to accept full responsibility for it. Such a person will be the foundation from which the flames of the victory of justice will burn bright and spread forever.

WE can understand neither faith nor life through theory or logic alone. Life is not an abstraction. It has to be lived and experienced. It is the history we write through our real-life efforts and struggles.

FROM my youth I have survived every conceivable kind of struggle, I have faced one test after another, I have steeled myself harder and harder. That is why I am afraid of nothing now. Nothing shakes me. I am never defeated. I have learned that harsh Buddhist practice is necessary to produce a person of true faith.

LIFE is occasioned by various hardships and difficulties. However, it is only by overcoming difficulties that we can leave behind a brilliant history and attain greatness as human beings. If life were all smooth sailing and we had neither hardships nor obstacles to contend with, then how could we polish ourselves? How could our activities in life constitute a "practice"?

READING the gosho and deeply absorbing its supreme philosophy of life will enable you to expand and deepen the scope of your own precious existence. Reading the gosho consistently throughout your life will create an excellent foundation for your existence and become the great cause for achieving tremendous growth in faith.

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18th November

I believe the time has come when you will be introducing Buddhism to eminent scholars, scientists and others. If you are going to be able to give convincing explanations on such occasions, it is absolutely vital that you master the Buddhist teachings.

IT is important to live long but how you live is even more important than how long you live. Did you accomplish your goals?

THOSE who continue struggling are great. There is no such thing as "retiring" in life. This is all the more true in the world of faith. Our faith should not be affected by our having reached retirement age or having grown advanced in years. Buddhism is strict. The path of mentor and disciple is strict. The lives of those who wage an unremitting struggle in faith are most sublime.

ORDINARILY, most people probably assume that doing evil is worse than simply not doing good. Not doing evil, but not doing any good either - this is how most people in the modern age lives. But SGI First President Makiguchi argued that not to do good is the same as doing evil.

NOVEMBER – our founding month is a month of creating new history. It is also a month in which courageous, self-reliant champions of justice rise purposefully into action. Kosen-rufu is a process of endless creativity and forward movement that does not permit even a moment’s cessation or stagnation. Our founding month lives on forever in the present because our victory at each moment, right now, contributes to “founding” an ever-victorious SGI that will solidly endure the next 50, next 100 years.

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17th November

IF we neglect gongyo, the foundation for attaining Buddhahood in this lifetime, we cannot summon up life-force, and lose our qualification as followers of the Bodhisattvas of the Earth.

THE expression of a person who is engaged in a struggle is different from others. His eyes shine with a beautiful light. His inner satisfaction is naturally revealed in his external appearance, and his face takes an expression of ineffable refinement. You, too, are fighting. Your example is noble as you devote yourselves to the spiritual struggle for kosen-rufu.

HAPPINESS is ultimately determined by our “heart” of faith. If we have the heart to develop harmony among fellow members and the heart to prove justice by thoroughly fighting against evil, we will increasingly accumulate good fortune. On the contrary, if we have the heart to destroy the unity of itai doshin (many in body, one in mind) among believers, the heart that harbours doubts or cowardly avoids struggles, we will only ruin our good fortune.

WE who devote our lives to kosen-rufu remain forever youthful - our lives are un-aging. Brimming with powerful life force, we know no deadlock. Throughout eternity, we vigorously pursue the path of our mission - our lives are undying. There is no deadlock in this faith.

A person's true worth is measured by the extent to which they live in the present while giving thought to the distant future, a hundred years, a thousand years hence. Please be assured that all of your commendable daily efforts will give rise to eternal good fortune and benefit, protecting your families, bringing prosperity to your communities and becoming the source for peace around the world.

OUR movement for kosen-rufu is a noble enterprise to put the Buddhist philosophy of the sanctity of life into practice in all areas of society. Let us take pride in advancing on the leading edge of the times.

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16th November

ACTIVITIES for kosen-rufu require enormous effort, but for that reason we can accumulate great benefits, not only for ourselves in the present but also for ourselves into the future. Therefore, to pass up the opportunity to take on this struggle would be our infinite loss.

THERE is no more joyous realm than the world of faith. Chanting daimoku is the key to attaining genuine happiness and fulfilment at the most fundamental level of lives. Worldly pleasures provide momentary satisfaction destined only to fade and disappear. They are shallow and mere illusions.

IF our faith is weak, poison remains poison within us. But if our faith is strong, any poison, no matter how virulent, will be transformed into beneficial medicine. Therefore, I hope all of you will have utmost confidence. The greater our misery, the happier we will become. The one who suffers most will be happiest in the end. Such are the workings of the Mystic Law. Such is the immense power of the unfathomable Law of life.

EACH of us possesses the sure right to be truly happy. Another word for this right is faith. Therefore, if you discard or retreat in your faith, you abandon your "right" to become happy. Please become a winner in life as you maintain your right to happiness.

I declare that within the fighting spirit for kosen-rufu, there is faith in accord with the intentions of the original Buddha. It is not a matter of outward appearances or of social rank. It is our thoughts and actions that count.

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15th November

PROBLEMS come in all shapes and sizes. With daimoku, you can turn all these worries and concerns into fuel to propel you forward - you can transform them into life force, into greater depth of character, and into good fortune.

NICHIREN DAISHONIN wrote, "An inconspicuous deed will produce a conspicuous benefit." (MW 2, p. 274) When you exert yourself for the Law, for others, for your friends, all your effort will return to you as benefit. In the world of kosen-rufu, the person who does even the smallest, most inconspicuous thing with utmost sincerity and energy will always be adorned with the greatest happiness. This is the teaching of Buddhism and the essence of faith.

LIFE is a drama. Since we are going to perform on the stage of life anyway, we ought to live vigorously and joyfully, and enact an inspiring drama of successive victories. We have to win in life. We have to win in society. We have to win a resounding victory for kosen-rufu.

EVERYTHING is part of the world of the Buddhist Law. The manifestations of the Law of the Buddha are not limited or restricted in any way. The Buddhist Law is to be found in every aspect and detail of human society. The activities of the SGI, based on Buddhism, to promote culture, peace and education are based on this spirit.

STUDY and discussion meetings are the two greatest pillars of Soka Gakkai. President Toda stated that “understanding gives rise to faith and faith seeks understanding, which in turn, deepens faith. Deepening one’s faith deepens one’s understanding”. Please reflect once again on the pure spirit of practice carried out by the pioneers of our movement who studied the Gosho and deepened their faith as they fought for kosen-rufu.

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14th November

WHEN you base yourself upon the unchanging prime point of faith directed towards kosen-rufu, all of your troubles and efforts will turn into boundless joy, and you will establish a magnificent state of life as the original state of Buddhahood begins to pulsate within you. Therefore, although you may meet various difficulties, you must never give up your faith.

IN any battle, the enemy always look strong if you are cowardly. In most cases, it is not that the enemy is mighty and the struggle daunting, but it seems so that way because you are weak hearted. On the other hand, you must not be overconfident either. The first step towards victory is to wisely comprehend the true nature of your enemy.

THE Daishonin stresses the importance of behaviour, of taking action. Therefore, rather than sitting around alone, doing nothing, we must endeavour to reach out to others. That is how we polish and refine our characters. This is the practice of a Buddhist.

PROPAGATION must always take place in the context of deepening friendship and earning the trust of others. Today we live in an age where there are superficial discussions, but lacking in true dialogue. Propagating Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism, however, is a true dialogue; a stimulating sharing, based on consideration and concern for our friends, as we invite them to walk with us on the path of true and complete happiness.

Naturally, there may be times when, due to work commitments, members will be unable to participate in SGI activities. Those who are self-employed also faced incredible hardships. As fellow members, we should be understanding of what these individuals are going through. To rally around a struggling member, supporting them with our prayers, our encouragement and our warm acceptance – this is the harmonious realm of humanity of the SGI.

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13th November

BUDDHIST practice means never coming to a standstill. We have to cultivate a self that absolutely no negative influence can sway. What matters is winning in the end; the wins and losses along the way are of secondary significance. It is final victory in life that counts, and that is the reason for our Buddhist practice.

LOOKING to others will not help. True happiness and victory are found in creating our own goals, working towards them and attaining them - and in being satisfied with our achievements and having no regrets.

TO people who acts lawlessly, ignoring reason, those who uphold principles seem to be wrong. Such a person is like someone who tilts his/her head sideways to look at the world and then decides everything but himself/herself is crooked.

WE are all common mortals. Therefore, we may sometimes lose sight of the correct way to eternal happiness. However, you should never make any mistake about following the fundamental principle of Nichiren Daishonin's true Buddhism and carrying out the basis of faith, practice and study towards the accomplishment of kosen-rufu.

IT is vital to continually breathe fresh air and inject fresh energy into our organisation, which is dedicated to widely propagating the teachings of Buddhism. Each of our members has a profound mission for kosen-rufu. How can we enable them to bring forth their true potential? How can we best advance kosen-rufu in a way that protects everyone and bring them joy? It is the responsibility of the leaders to concentrate their energies on these points and work hard behind the scenes to support their fellow members.

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12th November

WE need to strive daily to build and expand our connections with people based on Buddhism, sowing the “seeds of the Mystic Law” and the “seeds of victory” in their hearts. These seeds will assuredly blossom as “flowers of peace and happiness” that fill the new century with exquisite fragrance.

THE SGI has always placed the highest value on people of true sincerity. Faithfulness will always be met in kind, and doubled. This is the attitude of a person with religious faith, his path as a human being. The mind of true faith – we value that mind. From that conviction, trust and good fortune grow, deepen and spread.

NO one is an island unto himself or herself. We can only uncover and reveal our wonderful potential when we have many good people around us - trusted friends who support us and respected seniors to whom we can turn to for sound advice. For this reason, please cultivate wisdom. This is the purpose of faith. Do not forget the importance of practising with the SGI, an organisation of harmonious family.

THE more difficulties we encounter, the more we can deepen our faith. This is the way Buddhism works. So, should we find ourselves in circumstances worse than any we could have imagined, we must courageously challenge them head on. This spirit and the actions we actually take towards this end are linked to attaining Buddhahood. To those who live in accord with this Mystic Law, sufferings are benefits, difficulties are happiness. There can be no unhappiness in life.

REMEMBER that sincere and courteous words express your own humanity and show the highest regard for the other person as an individual.

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11th November

IT is crucial to actively foster and develop new people and to allow them to play a full and active role. Seniors must not hold back their juniors.

THIS life is short; from the standpoint of eternity, it is but a moment. But by maintaining a steadfast practice throughout this existence we can firmly establish Buddhahood as the basic tendency of our life. Then we can continue to enjoy the state of life of the Buddha eternally. That is why it is so important that we practise whole-heartedly in the present.

PEOPLE do not grow when their environment is too comfortable, when they are not challenged. It is in the very midst of suffering and hardship that character is formed. Once we have decided to accomplish something, we must see it through to the end. A certain amount of problems and difficulties is only to be expected.

HOW do you see others? In most cases, your vision of others is a mirror that reflects your own mind just as it is. If, for example, you are a greedy, covetous sort, you will not be able to perceive others' sincerity. Even honesty will appear dwarfed because of your enormous greed. It is not that others lack integrity. It is that you are too greedy.

BEFORE worrying or doubting, a person of true faith will carry out the practice of gongyo. Remember that it is the road to and root of all solutions.

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10th November

A struggle is not won by theory or calculation. The factors that determine the outcome are energy, perseverance, capable people, and single-minded action.

AS our faith matures, we can see ourselves clearly, including our faults and shortcomings. As we try to conquer those failings, we learn humility. As we change, we also come to recognise the strengths and virtues of others. The true practice of Buddhism is to deepen our state of life, striving always to reflect on ourselves and to develop and grow.

IT is ideal to live without regrets. Social positions are for more the most part man-made institutions; by making the appropriate effort, one attains the corresponding status. However, the status of life, throughout this existence and eternity, is determined solely by faith in the Mystic Law.

THE test of a leader is whether he can recognise reasonable behaviour and honestly admit when he is wrong. A realm in which reason is not recognised as the truth is an unfortunate realm indeed. It will not survive long. Eventually people will abandon it, and it will perish. This has been proven again and again in history.

IF we are sincere, people will understand our intentions and our positive qualities will radiate. Those who act with discretion and speak with a sincere concern for and interest in others will leave a deep and lasting positive impression on people and steadily gain trust and confidence of many.

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9th November

THOSE of you, who have encountered the Mystic Law, this sublime law of life, in your youth, are the happiest and most fortunate people in the world. The question is whether or not you can fully appreciate this fact. The only way you can really awaken to the wonder of this practice is to actually experience it yourself.

I want you to be sharp, considerate and wise people. And whatever happens, you must never lose heart, you must always keep trying and be patient. Such a person will always triumph. It is the Lotus Sutra that has taught us this unbeatable strategy.

A person of conviction who leads an upstanding life and demonstrates shining victory in society is a true winner. More precisely put, a person who has faith is the ultimate victor. Buddhism exists to enable us to lead such a life. This is something that I want to clarify for the sake of the future.

OUR life grows only to the degree that we give hope and courage to others, and enable them to develop their lives. Therefore, while we speak of practising for others, it is we ourselves who ultimately benefit. With this understanding comes the ability to take action with a sense of appreciation.

EVEN those without much education can obtain Buddhahood if their faith is strong. On the other hand, even someone who graduated from the highest educational institution may suffer in the state of Hell if he/she becomes arrogant.

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8th November

ADVANCING kosen-rufu comes down to propagating the teaching. Through such efforts, we are laying the foundation for an age of the people. Those who can actually expand kosen-rufu are genuine leaders. Those who cannot, lack courage and are self-centred.

NO matter what might happen, the reason for all our problems and difficulties is so that we can show actual proof of the validity of faith. Once we realise this, confidence and courage, the sense that "there's no way that I cannot resolve this problem", wells forth from our lives. The greater our sufferings, the greater the actual proof that we can show, and the more magnificent the "drama of mission" we can perform.

HUMAN beings possess an innate and undeniable instinct for prayer. Religion first came into being in response to this. Prayer did not come into existence because of religion; it was the other way round. Prayer in Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism - chanting daimoku to the Gohonzon - directly fuses all of our diverse prayers with reality, based on the universal law of life. In short, religion came into being out of human desire for happiness.

ACCORDING to the teachings of Buddhism, there is always a sign of tiding of a future event, followed by its actual manifestation or occurrence. This is true of both good and evil. The wise person is one who is keenly alert of those little signs and uses them to nip evil in the bud and encourage the first sprouts of good.

GUIDANCE is not merely encouragement. It begins with mercy (“Jihi”) and enables another person to gain absolute confidence.

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7th November

HAPPINESS is not something bestowed on us by others or that it comes from somewhere outside us. It is something that we ourselves must gain, with our own hearts. As Nichiren Daishonin said, "It is the heart that is important." (WND, P 1000)

THE satisfaction one feels, as he/she chants daimoku to the Gohonzon about the problems that arise in his/her immediate environment and surmounts them one by one, is proof of his/her human revolution, and of the faith that will enable him/her to accumulate happiness and good fortune eternally.

BEING alone may seem carefree and undemanding but it is a very sad and lonely experience. Cut off from others, we can neither polish our character nor develop our potential. The challenge lies in developing truly rich human relations. Good human relations are treasures that enrich our lives.

PEOPLE instinctively wish for protection for themselves and their loved ones when faced with sudden natural disaster or threat, and at the most desperate and dire of times. When such a wish is powerfully concentrated, it becomes a prayer. It is not of the realm of logic or intellect. It transcends such things. Prayer is an act in which we give expression to the pressing and powerful wishes and hopes in the depths of our being and yearn for their fulfilment.

UNSHAKEABLE faith, a future-orientated outlook, warm consideration, abundant wisdom, enthusiasm towards one’s mission, and a vast life-condition capable of embracing everything – these qualities cultivated through faith constitute a humanity capable of penetrating people’s lives, and opening the doors of their hearts.

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6th November

THE practice of chanting daimoku to the Gohonzon sends the radiation of the Mystic Law, so to speak, into one's being, life and society. While accumulating good fortune for oneself, it cuts off one's devilish workings at the root.

IT is important that we win the trust and acceptance of others. Embracing the supreme Law enables us to manifest our character to its fullest brilliance. This is what Buddhism is all about. While polishing the shining jewel of our own humanity, we have been helping more and more people understand True Buddhism.

WHAT is the secret to helping young people develop their potential? It is important not to take them to task unreasonably. There are also times when praise alone will not adequately move people’s hearts. While on occasion it is important that we give our juniors specific advice and direction, it is even more important that we work with them and together take action for kosen-rufu.

THERE is no limit to how widely we can open the path of kosen-rufu through words and our voice. Our struggle requires us to speak out. Therefore, we must not begrudge employing our voice and using words. Polishing ourselves so that we may speak in a way that is pleasant and refreshing and be wise in our choice of expressions is also an important part of our Buddhist practice.

NO one becomes great without a struggle. All of life is a struggle. Only those who have faced and triumphed over adversity possess genuine greatness; without this struggle, no matter how famous or celebrated one may be, any claim to greatness is merely an empty facade.

THE function of our organisation is to enable us to support and encourage one another so that we each maintain the “axial rotation” of our personal practice, and our broader “orbital revolution” of working with and for others, and thus never veer from the proper orbit in life.

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5th November

HE whose words are sought after are trusted and whose attitude is one of tolerance and understanding can win great support and develop capable people.

THE first thing people look at in others is how they conduct their daily lives. What is their life like? How do they rate on the counts of culture and integrity? The eyes of others are extremely exalting. No matter how correct the Law is, it is pointless to think that society will trust someone who embraces it, if they are loose with money, lack good sense or behave in a high-handed manner.

MUTUAL development and true Buddhist practice lie in joining together with people from many different backgrounds, experiencing various challenges together with them as we encourage each other to grow and move forward together. Herein lies a genuinely humanistic way of living and the path to true freedom. Practising together with many good people enables us to grow. This is in accord with the principle of the oneness of life and its environment.

THE benefit of the Mystic Law is inconspicuous. Even if we cannot see the results of our efforts right away, everything is constantly moving in the very best direction for our lives. That itself is the most profound benefit.

FAITH is the engine that powers our growth throughout life. But without making concrete efforts to advance, that engine would not work. For students, advancement means studying. Even if you chant and engage in faith-related activities, if you do not challenge yourself in your studies, you will be like a stalled car that is going nowhere.

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4th November

BUDDHISM is concerned with the present and the future. Instead of looking back at the past, we should always live our lives gazing from the present towards the future. No matter what great things we may have achieved in the past, we must not allow ourselves, now or in the future, to become people who succumb to criticism and complaint, to stray from the correct path, and cause trouble to our fellow members and the SGI as a whole. We will become losers if we do so.

IT is perfectly fine for you to speak about Buddhism from the heart, in your own words, in a very natural way, just as you are. The purpose of faith is not to make you look good in the eyes of others. To have compassion for others means sincerely praying and working for others’ happiness, no matter how they may regard you.

BUDDHISM does not exist removed from actual society, nor does it exist removed from human beings. Just shouting about the righteous of True Buddhism in a loud voice will not gain it ready understanding among others. Quite to the contrary, it may have a deleterious effect by actually alienating people from the path of Buddhism. Such behaviour goes against the spirit of the Daishonin, who bequeathed us the task of realising kosen-rufu.

THE important thing is to decide clearly the arena of the mission to which you will commit your life. The life of one who fails to decide this ultimately remains incomplete.

IN faith, the way to become a Buddha lies in making persistent effort. If we abandon efforts to develop our lives midway, then we cannot become truly happy. Those who persevere will be victorious. Those who are unflagging in their efforts will win in the end.

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3rd November

A person may have all the wealth and treasure in the world, but viewed from the perspective of the ultimate reality of life, such things are mere illusions. We cannot carry them with us into the next existence. The most important thing is to build an indestructible “palace of happiness” within our own life. This is the purpose of Buddhism and of Buddhist practice.

THERE is no need to be impatient. Faith is a lifelong process, spanning the three existence of past, present and future. What is important is to make plenty of friends and work at solidifying those relationships. Introducing others to Buddhism and striving for kosen-rufu is just an extension of the spirit of friendship that wishes those we care about become happy.

DAIMOKU is the fundamental source of vitality. It is also the way to solve one's actual problems. Through daimoku, one can acquire a profound and respectworthy state of life, surpassing anything else, in which he/she enjoys himself/herself in the world.

THE Daishonin's Buddhism is a great Law which allows common mortals to display their humanity freely just as they are, without restriction. This Buddhism neither compels one to undergo special austerities nor demands one's becoming some kind of special human being. Common mortals can attain Buddhahood just as they are, in their present form. The greatness of the Daishonin's Buddhism lies in this point.

THE Gohonzon exists within our life. The Gohonzon, or object of worship, to which we pray is the external cause enabling us to tap the power of the Gohonzon within us. People of strong faith make their own lives shine as the entity of the Gohonzon. It is impossible that such people could fail to become happy.

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2nd November

ULTIMATELY you alone know the condition of your faith. I hope that, no matter what may happen, you will steadily and faithfully maintain the kind of faith that can build happiness.

SINCERITY and integrity are important. Be it in our work, in introducing others to Buddhism, or in the area of diplomacy, sincerity is the means by which we can deeply win the hearts of others. And, it is this sincerity which provides the key to true, final victory. Manifesting sincerity requires incredible dedication and effort, not to mention prayer.

SO long as we are alive, we are bound to experience various fears and worries. These are like clouds that block the light of the sun. Regardless of appearances, the sun rises with the same majesty even when it is rainy or windy. So long as the sun of faith in one's heart continues to blaze, one's life will shine with happiness.

IT is important to remember that everything is up to you. If you are determined to absorb everything you can, you will most likely learn something from any meeting you attend. If you were to make the effort to attend a meeting but return home without having gained a thing, that would be your loss.

IN life, there is nothing more precious, correct and important than faith. For that very reason, please do no forget that it is an act of the deepest parental love and affection to, above all, encourage your children to live in the “garden of the SGI”.

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1st November

IT is at critical moments that the great path to enlightenment unfolds. Stand up with the conviction that you can break through all obstacles. At such times you must not vacillate, retreat, or do anything else that will later give you cause for regret.

THE history of kosen-rufu will be created by climbing and conquering one mountain of victory after another. In the practice of Buddhism, there are no half measures; there is only a never-ending succession of advancement and constant challenge. The most crucial factor for achieving victory is conquering oneself.

OUR mind cannot be seen. Yet our inner determination is directly reflected in the world and the universe. If our inner state of mind is broad, profound and rich, then the same will be reflected in our life, our surroundings and the land where we live.

PROBLEMS are proof that we are alive. They are also the source of all growth and progress. We have to use our problems and sufferings as the energy or fuel for propelling us forward towards even greater happiness in the future.

IF we are going to live this life, we must not waste it on trivial, self-centred pursuits but instead live for a lofty ideal. And the loftiest ideal is worldwide kosen-rufu. Those who continue to uphold a great philosophy, a great ideal, and a great religion are unsurpassed victors as human beings.

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