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22nd February

TO put in practical terms, through faith in the Mystic Law, one can change a life shrouded in darkness into a life of hope, value and harmony. In this way, one can enter the eternal path of life that is filled with the greatest virtue and blessings. This is what our Buddhist practice enables us to accomplish.

ANY difficult problem or suffering can be solved with faith. If your faith becomes weak, then suffering will turn into complaint and criticism, and you will destroy the source of benefit in your life. Faith gives rise to a life of the highest value and greatest satisfaction. Never forget the importance of the word "faith" as you build a life of total fulfilment which is overflowing with benefit.

DIALOGUE and action - it is important that these be employed simultaneously. We take action while holding discussions and discuss things while taking action. Herein lies the strength of the SGI's tradition.

BY pointing out to someone that his/her actions are inflicting suffering and hurt on others, we can urge that person to move in a more positive direction. Our honesty, in fact can open the way for forging deep bonds of genuine friendship with that person. In other words, it is quite possible for a "bad" friend to become a "good" friend.

ALL of you who are striving earnestly for kosen-rufu are infinitely noble and respectworthy. In a letter to one of his disciples, Nichiren Daishonin revealed the following important principle, "Since the Law is wonderful, the person is worthy of respect; since the person is worthy of respect, the land is sacred". (WND, p1097) Greatness is not a matter of wealth or social status. Truly noble are those who uphold the supreme Law; and any places where they dwell is automatically the Land of Eternally Tranquil Light that has existed for all time.

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21st February

FAITH can be either strong or weak, deep or shallow. Only through strong, deep faith can one develop great joy and great confidence. He/she can also make himself/herself shine throughout his/her life with such faith.

THE issue of birth and death is the most important issue for human beings, for whom death is inescapable. Only when we base ourselves on a true view of life - one which clarifies this problem of birth and death - can we have a proper perspective on life, society and the world.

A person whose heart is continually swayed by such occurrences as becoming a leader, failing to do so, being strictly scolded, or warmly praised, cannot be said to have faith; nor can a person who takes his/her position or status for granted and grows decadent.

REVERE the Gohonzon as the fundamental basis of your life, reach out to it and take your problems to it as naturally as a child reaches to his/her mother. When you are suffering or when you are sad, there is no need to put on a good face or pretend everything is alright; just chant daimoku exactly as you are, unreservedly giving expression to the feelings in your heart.

THOUGH we may seem to be chanting alone, we are not. As we chant, untold billions of heavenly deities are facing the Gohonzon with us. In this way, the protective forces of the universe assemble en masses and work to safeguard each one of you, manifesting in your environment as the actions of the people near you, the actions of your friends and fellow members.

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20th February

THOSE who are always striving towards a cause, towards an ideal, are ever young. Their minds are alert and they are full of vitality. This is all the more true of those who uphold the Mystic Law, which is un-aging and undying. Faith is the foundation for developing a youthful, inner glow. No amount of make up or cosmetics can compare to what faith can do. Our Buddhist practice enables us to become beautiful from within, cleansing and purifying our lives.

WHAT is important is that we dauntlessly advance along the correct path based on our own conviction. Continually self-reflecting and pondering the direction we wish to take in life, we should make a fresh departure along the path of our mission each day.

THOUGH you may be unable to carry out a complete practice of morning and evening gongyo, so long as you maintain faith in and a seeking mind towards the Gohonzon throughout your life, your good fortune will never diminish. What is important is that you tenaciously continue your practice of faith and strive to improve yourself, year in and year out.

MAINTAIN your faith throughout your life. Because the purpose of faith is to attain enlightenment in this lifetime, you can declare that you have practised faith correctly only when you have carried it out throughout your life. If you should backslide halfway, you can by no means say that your faith was genuine.

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19th February

A seeking spirit means taking action. Embracing the Gohonzon, doing gongyo and chanting daimoku to the Gohonzon are all actions which reflect one's seeking mind. Moreover, reading the gosho; attending meetings, whether large or small; and receiving guidance are, in a similar sense, expressions of one's seeking spirit.

FAITH is the greatest joy there is. The 'Buddhism of joy' enables us to live each day with excitement, as though we were on an enjoyable journey, arm in arm with dear friends. There is no need whatsoever for us to have to experience undue pressures, or to get caught up in extreme formalism, on account of faith.

WE must continually grow - from the self of yesterday to the self of today, and from the self of today to the self of tomorrow. It is precisely in so doing that we are able to inspire courage and hope in others and guide them towards victory.

THE Gohonzon encompasses the entire universe. Therefore, we who believe on and chant daimoku to the Gohonzon can live out our lives with the greatest serenity and composure. Please be confident that through faith in the Mystic Law we can definitely lead a wonderful and unsurpassed existence.

WE can never rectify the folly of endless feuding, hatred and killing taking place on this small planet of ours and make it a place where all can live in peace and happiness until we firmly embrace a correct view of the universe, of life and philosophy based on a cosmic perspective.

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18th February

THE wise, the truly strong, can surmount even the most painful times with courage. In contrast, the pessimistic, who weakly wallow in their problems and unable to move on, tend to agonise and suffer over the smallest things. Please be wise people who can live with joy.

WHETHER one experiences happiness or misery is to a great extent determined by the subtle orientation of our heart, by the way we direct our ichinen, or our inner resolve. Since we are alive, then we might as well view all things in a positive and joyful light, as we will be much happier this way. Having a robust and joyful inner resolve enables one to quickly transform one's destiny.

WISDOM is the absolute requirement for a happy life. The most profound wisdom is found in Buddhism, and thus faith in the Mystic Law encompasses all things. That is why a person of faith must also be wiser than anyone else.

TO promote the cause of kosen-rufu, which is the Buddha's will, is in itself the greatest glory and honour. Please be confident that doing so will lead to your eternal good fortune.

I believe that in order for humanity in the 21st century to eliminate war and conflict and establish genuine peace, it is vital that we open our hearts, broaden our intellectual capacities and expand our states of life so they become as wide and all-encompassing as the cosmos itself.

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17th February

IF you forget to read the Gosho, then your practice and guidance will tend towards idealism, beginning to reflect your own personal views. Let us sincerely check each other in this regards so that we do not waste our efforts. Please bear in mind that within the Gosho, you can find the way to solve any problem, as well as the fundamental principles of faith.

WISDOM is tremendously important for living each day in a wise and productive manner, instead of just letting the time slip lazily. And faith is the inexhaustible source from which such wisdom flows.

NO matter what happens, we should view everything that happens with a firm and hopeful attitude, confident that it will lead to a positive outcome. We should view things in such a way that energy wells up in our life, and in light of the principle of "changing poison into medicine". It is faith that enables us to do this.

CONSTRUCTION requires arduous effort; destruction takes but a moment. It is vital that we continue making unceasing efforts. The construction of kosen-rufu into the eternal future will fall to the youth who are prepared to keep on striving for this cause with all their heart and being.

IN Buddhism, the term "fundamental darkness" is used to describe the most fundamental ignorance and delusion inherent in human life. The aim of our great struggle for kosen-rufu, our great movement of human revolution, is to transform that innate darkness into light. Our goal is to vanquish the insidious destructive tendencies within human life that give rise to mutual distrust and hate, violence and fear.

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16th February

BUDDHISM is about winning; to live with unshakeable confidence and speak out fearlessly like lions for justice and truth; to uphold the correct teaching of Buddhism, come what may. People who live with this spirit will win in the end. Nichiren Daishonin teaches a way of life that vividly demonstrates this truth.

HUMANISM is not some grand, high sounding theory. It is having faith in human beings and forging links with others. This is true humanism. In other words, it is making friends.

A golden vessel does not leak. One who practises the Mystic Law - like a water-tight golden vessel - is able to daily accumulate good fortune that will adorn one's life eternally. For this reason, we must on no account allow the pure water of our faith to be polluted by slander or disbelief.

CONSISTENCY is a crucial component of faith. Faith in this Buddhism will enable us to attain enlightenment in this lifetime. If we maintain faith like flowing water throughout our entire lives and exert ourselves in daily life, we will before we know it, be carried towards the great ocean of happiness and good fortune that encompasses the three existences of past, present and future.

STAND alone. Never be swept along by force of habit. Build a solid core in each individual.

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15th February

SHAKUBUKU enables others to give up their attachments to mistaken views, causing them to entertain doubts about their shallow way of living. It is a noble act through which we teach others a true way of life and show them the eternal, correct course to a happy existence. There is no greater or more deeply compassionate practice for a human being.

FAITH requires us to continue to the end. Along the way there will be many valleys to travel and mountains to cross. Sometimes you may feel exhausted, and there may be times when you are unable to do a full morning and evening gongyo. The important thing, however, is never to stray from or abandon the Gohonzon.

A person who takes correct action and lives correctly on the foundation of correct faith will be protected by the Buddhist gods and by all Buddhas. The original Buddha will certainly protect such a person.

THERE may be times, certainly, when being a member of an organisation seems bothersome and we just want to be alone. But how sad it is if we are left alone without any support, and then lose faith. True growth comes from striving together with our fellow members in the living realm of human beings, ourselves experiencing the rich gamut of human emotions.

VICTORS are always sincere. The arrogant, who betray others' sincerity, always come to a fall in the end, even though it may seem for a time that they have gained the upper hand. The happy are always sincere and they possess inner strength. Such people shine as the ultimate victors.

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14th February

IN life and in art, such things as short-term popularity and fame are all petty considerations. While of course it is important to make one's best effort, there is no reason to be disappointed if there are no immediate results. The important thing is to become a stronger person and to grow as a human being.

IF you are neglecting the things you should be doing, forgetting your purpose in life because of the relationship you are in, then you are on the wrong path. A healthy relationship is one in which two people encourage each other to reach their respective goals while sharing each other's hopes and dreams. A relationship should be a source of inspiration, invigoration and hope.

LIFE is eternal, spanning the three existences of past, present and future. The future of kosen-rufu stretches out endlessly before us. Thus, to depart from the depth of happiness on account of being caught up in immediate concerns would be a cause for untold regret.

NICHIREN DAISHONIN explained that as long as we have sincere faith, our ordinary lives as common mortals in society are the very sphere of our Buddhist practice. I believe the greatness of this Buddhism lies in the fact that it leads the way to enlightenment that all people can follow.

EARNEST prayer becomes the rhythm of one's life, and through the Gohonzon, enables one to fuse with the rhythm of the universe. As a result, one can experience benefit and manifest one's capability in daily life, in accordance with the true principle of prayer.

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13th February

OUR lives have been stained by karma and destiny from the past and encrusted with a layer of greed, anger, stupidity, arrogance and doubt, that has built up over a vast period of time without being cleared away. When we devote ourselves to the Gohonzon, however, the law of Myoho will function to penetrate our lives and clear away the source of unhappiness.

THERE is no need to envy anyone else. There is no need to complain. There is a saying, "Dig where you stand, and you will find a bounteous spring." If you uphold the Gohonzon and work for kosen-rufu, your life will shine with the light of the eternal Buddha land.

THOSE who can smile are strong; people of truth and integrity are cheerful. Such people can face criticism and persecution with a dauntless smile. In contrast, those who constantly criticise, yet are incapable of creating anything of value themselves are pitiful, wretched souls. In the end, they become miserable and disillusioned. Their faces are not lit by radiant smiles, nor do they savour truly enjoyable and satisfying lives.

TRULY capable leaders are those who can engage others, on a one-to-one basis, in inspiring dialogue and move them with warm-hearted encouragement to set forth with renewed determination in faith. Determinations inspired in this way tend to last. They become a catalyst, causing a ripple effect that spreads out to touch many, many others.

IT is not our environment or circumstances but our inner resolve that is important. Do not allow you to be pre-occupied or held back by considerations of educational background, wealth, fame or social position. Always advance in life based on faith, no matter what happens. That is the spirit of a Buddhist.

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12th February

BUDDHISM teaches "attaining Buddhahood without changing your original state". This means that we ordinary people in the nine states of being can attain Buddhahood as we are, in our original states. We can attain a state of absolute happiness, here, now, in the midst of this very life.

TO be swayed by one's destiny is most regrettable. However, when you continue to chant daimoku to the Gohonzon sincerely, you will develop the wisdom to change yourself for the better and build a life that is directed towards happiness. This is in accord with the principle of "substituting faith for wisdom" (ishin daie).

HAUGHTINESS and harsh language or behaviour are evidence of one's lack of culture. In Buddhism, those who are wise are termed human beings, while those who are foolish and vain are naught but animals.

THERE may be some people who, for one reason or another, have no room in their hearts to enjoy the beauty of flowers. They come home from work, complain about their day and go to sleep. We can try to help them change their mindset by drawing their attention to the beauty of flowers or of a work of art. That often is enough to get them to open their hearts and minds to all sorts of new possibilities.

WORDS are very important. Leaders in particular must be very careful about what they say. Words are decisive. As it said in the Gosho, "The voice does the Buddha's work." (Gosho Zenshu, p400) Our words reveal our character, our wisdom and our attitude towards life.

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11th February

THE Gosho stated, "Even if one should become master of his mind, he should not make his mind the master of his life." Instead of basing ourselves on or mind, which easily changes from moment to moment, we should make the fundamental, unchanging principle of Myoho the master of our mind. This is the essential teaching of Buddhism.

NICHIREN DAISHONIN said that within the self that upholds the Mystic Law is a palace of life. The purpose of Buddhist practice is to open that magnificently adorned palace; it is entirely for your own sake. When you are aware of that, everything is transformed into joy. It is a right.

AS long as one perseveres with strong faith, times of the greatest difficulty will become times of the greatest opportunity. A person of strong faith is able to "change poison into medicine", thereby accumulating limitless good fortune. For this reason, no matter what may happen, we have nothing to fear. In difficult times, all we need to do is summon forth still stronger faith.

MR TODA asserted, "If you base yourself on faith, you can come to terms with things that you can't come to terms with intellectually." The key is deciding how you will live your life and then devoting all your strength and energy towards doing just that. This is what faith is all about. This is the life of a person who possesses a solid philosophy.

KOSEN-RUFU is an undertaking that we must pursue in society, in the real world. If we stand apart from society and just utter fine-sounding rhetoric, it will have no value. Kosen-rufu is an indomitable struggle for peace and justice in which we must strive unceasingly against the negative and destructive forces found in the real world.

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10th February

YOUR daimoku must include the two aspects of faith and practice, which are like the two wheels of a cart or the two wings of a bird. Of course, it is important to chant daimoku to the Gohonzon with deep faith. You will undoubtedly receive benefit from doing so. But it is important that the daimoku you chant be accompanied by correct practice. It is a question of whether you are equally devoted to practising for the sake of kosen-rufu.

LET us lead lives of eternal victory, indestructible lives of unshakeable conviction. This is the most meaningful life a human being can live. There is no greater teaching than Buddhism. A life that embodies the teachings of Buddhism is a life of ultimate value.

IF a person is hungry, we should give him/her bread to eat. When there is no bread, we can at least give words that nourish. To a person who looks ill or is physically frail, we can turn the conversation to some subject that will lift his/her spirit and fill him/her with hope and determination to get better.

ONE may sincerely believes oneself to be practising Buddhism, but if one does not tell others about Buddhism, neglects to make actions for kosen-rufu, and gives no encouragement to fellow members, then one cannot be said to be correctly practising the Daishonin's Buddhism.

THE basic form of the propagation of the Buddhist Law is an activity among the people, with the people as its object. With that as the basic presupposition, we must look objectively at the times and the societies we live in and select the most effective actions for accomplishing that.

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9th February

NO matter how much you may be suffering now, please be convinced that in the long run you will definitely accumulate great fortune, happiness, glory and victory in your life with the Gohonzon. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to realise that true faith lies in carrying out your practice of true Buddhism until the last moment of your life, no matter what.

EVERYTHING has a meaning if seen through the eyes of faith. As long as you have faith, everything that happens will act as a springboard to your own eventual triumph, even though you may not exactly see how that is so at the time. When you are sure of this, your life will be one of great and basic happiness.

IT is important to ponder how we can keep alive a constant freshness and create an invigorating atmosphere, so that we ourselves as well as others can set forth with renewed determination. Generally speaking, where leaders are sensitive to the feelings of others, everyone will be happy and content.

BUDDHISM, of course, teaches that "the mind is like a skilled painter". Like a skilled painter, the mind can freely draw and portray anything at will. Consequently, life itself is a great painting created by the mind. It is a work of art that our minds produce.

KOSEN-RUFU is an undertaking that we must pursue in society, in the real world. If we stand apart from society and just utter fine-sounding rhetoric, it will have no value. Kosen-rufu is an indomitable struggle for peace and justice in which we must strive unceasingly against the negative and destructive forces around in the real world.

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8th February

WE are who we are. Our life is our own. It is important that we discard a cowardly animalistic way of life - where we are always worried about what others say or do or about how we might appear to others - and instead live with confidence and conviction.

THIS lifetime will never come again; it is precious and irreplaceable. To live without regret, it is crucial for us to have a concrete purpose and continually set goals and challenges for ourselves. It is equally important that we keep moving towards those specified targets steadily and tenaciously, one step at a time.

THOSE whose faith continues to move forward actively seek out and meet new people, spreading their circle of friendship. Those who have stopped growing, in contrast, become cowardly and close themselves off in their own shells.

THE progress of kosen-rufu, too, is in one respect a fierce battle of wisdom. A great wisdom is naturally inherent in a single-minded faith. A wisdom that actually expands our perspective and creates value is itself a crucial demonstration of faith.

WE were born onto the stage of this polluted world of the Latter Day of the Law, cherishing an earnest wish for the spread of Myoho. The Daishonin stated, "The three obstacles and four devils will invariably appear, and the wise will rejoice while the foolish will retreat." Because we practise faith, obstacles will naturally appear. Then, if we read this passage from the standpoint of faith, we can feel joy in the depths of our lives.

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7th February

YOUR posture and attitude while doing gongyo should always be one of dignity. Your gongyo should resound youthfully, giving courage and hope to your members who are followers of the Bodhisattvas of the Earth.

IN all things, wisdom is the key to victory. A wise person can make the best use of everything. He/she can make the first strike. He/she can see opportunities and take advantage of them. He/she can change negative into positive. Power may be limited, but wisdom is limitless.

IT is important to actively go out and meet people. Interaction with others opens up fresh, exciting possibilities. We can learn something new and broaden our horizons. Meeting people gives zest to life and stimulates our minds. Moreover, once the cycle has been started, one encounter gives way to other fresh encounters. Thus, meeting people is something all leaders must make their responsibility.

HOW to orientate your mind, the kind of attitude you take, greatly influences both you yourself and your environment. Through the power of strong inner resolve, we can transform ourselves, those around us and the land in which we live. When we change our attitude, we can change our circumstances. Buddhism teaches the principle of the oneness of life and its environment and that a single life moment contains three thousand realms.

PLEASE strive hard as a member of society in your own sphere of activities, in your work-place and your community, always basing yourself on faith and become the kind of person of whom others speak with admiration and praise. I would like each of you to become a person who is respected and trusted by all. This is kosen-rufu. Causing people trouble and engaging in duplicity, on the other hand, degrades Buddhism and constitutes slander of the Law.

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6th February

THERE is no way of life as noble, happy, or supremely joyous as this, and it exists nowhere else but in the world of the SGI, an organisation dedicated to teaching others about the Mystic Law.

A personal awareness is very important. When we do something, we should do it whole-heartedly and on our own initiative, not dragging our feet and only taking action because someone has told us to. Personal awareness means a self-awakening. The deeper your own awareness, the more your horizons will expand, and the more profound your life will become.

A coward in the end will be miserable. Nichiren Daishonin said, "A coward cannot have any of his/her prayers answered." (MW 1, p246) No matter how much you may practise faith, if you are cowardly, then your prayers will not be answered. Even if you have the mighty sword (of the Lotus Sutra), unless you unsheathe it and wield it boldly, you will not be able to cut through anything.

THE stronger the opponents, the greater the merits we acquire at their defeat. The more difficulties we face, the closer we approach the state of achieving Buddhahood. I want you all to march forward with hearts aflame with bravery and courage and with the pride that we are creating a new future for humanity.

FAITH is the source of power which enables one to become rich at heart, rich in wisdom and lead a prosperous daily life, thereby contributing to the prosperity of one's community. Honour or fame in no way guarantees happiness. Neither does academic achievement or physical appearance. The greatest wealth lies in chanting daimoku.

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5th February

NEVER allow yourself to be spoiled, for that way inevitably leads to defeat in life. You must deepen your faith and polish your life while studying and experiencing repeated struggles.

BUDDHISM is primarily concerned with victory or defeat. Life is a contest. In a contest you can only win or lose; it must be one or the other. If you lose, no manner of excuses will make up for it. Complaining will only make you unhappier.

WHEN we encounter obstacles and persecution, it is all the more crucial that we exert ourselves with even greater determination. The more tempestuous the wind that buffets us, the more we must press on with even stronger faith and conviction. This is the behaviour of a true disciple of Nichiren Daishonin.

"TREASURING the Gosho" does not mean never touching it and leaving it closed all the time! Nichiren Daishonin taught that embracing the Gohonzon is itself enlightenment. Having faith in the Gohonzon is fundamental. And, in fact, only through strong faith that seamlessly fused with study of the Gosho can we truly be enlightened and accomplish our human revolution.

OUR study of Buddhism is something that is deepened and strengthened with the passing of times as we grow in faith and life experience. The efforts you are making to study the teachings of Buddhism now are certain to illuminate your lives, not only in this existence, but for all eternity.

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4th February

THE world at peace and all humanity living together in harmony is the dream and hope of the 21st century. The surest first step towards realising that goal is human beings reaching out and engaging in dialogue that transcends all differences.

WHETHER you are happy, sad or suffering, if you chant honestly to the Gohonzon with the feelings in your heart, your life will naturally proceed in the best direction.

VICTORY is born of the leaders' all-out efforts and resolute stand-alone spirit. All it takes is just one such person. A successful outcome depends on individuals who are determined to continue moving forward and exerting themselves undaunted - never stopping or retreating, come what may.

UNLESS we study, we will be blind to the realities of society and the world. In that state, we cannot attain the kosen-rufu that will reach out to society at large. Nor will we grasp the profundity of Buddhism itself. Worst of all, we ourselves will become pitiful losers.

WHEN you persevere in faith throughout your life, without begrudging your life, you can attain Buddhahood in this lifetime. Then you can build an eternally indestructible "self" based on the condition of Buddhahood that spans lifetime after lifetime. If you give up your faith along the way, however, this condition of Buddhahood, which should shine on for eternity, will be extinguished.

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3rd February

KEEP your daily faith fresh and abreast of the times. This is faith, and the road to vital progress. A tired life-condition means you are defeated.

THE Lotus Sutra teaches the principle of ichinen sanzen. The power of the macrocosm of existence is encompassed in the Mystic Law. That is why there is no difficulty that we cannot overcome, no fate that we cannot transform through the power of the mind of faith. An organisation, too, is basically a reflection of the mind of the people at its core.

STEADY efforts are important. Through our own persistent efforts in our practice of faith, we can create an indomitable condition of eternal happiness in our lives. Advancing a little further and accumulating a little more benefit day by day is the key to finding unshakeable happiness. This principle holds true in other fields of human endeavour as well.

FAITH enables us to secure ultimate victory. It enables us to live out our lives with vigour and joy and to strive to improve ourselves and become the very best people we can be. Moreover, faith enables us to walk through life with complete assurance and confidence, unafraid of anything.

"COME, let us take action!" "Let us work for kosen-rufu!" "Let us expand our SGI network!" Joy resides in such a bright, positive spirit. Those who strive gladly for kosen-rufu and for the welfare of their friends savour true happiness.

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2nd February

VIEWED from the perspective of Buddhism, we are connected and indebted to all other living beings, so we should care for and value them. The supreme way of repaying that debt of gratitude is to share the supreme philosophy of Buddhism with them. As such, introducing Nichiren Daishonin's teachings to others is the greatest gift of friendship.

EVEN though one is ill - in fact, precisely when one is ill - one can experience a rich spiritual life. A person who is spiritually fulfilled remains clear of mind and heart even though their body may be ailing, and gains a deep understanding of many aspects of life.

SIMPLY following others all the time is not very satisfying. There is neither deep joy nor the potential for blazing new trails. Life's true worth, as well as true satisfaction and happiness, arises from actions in which we take the initiative to achieve something we have set our minds to.

A single thought of faith (ichinen), though it is invisible, will always eventually manifest itself in a concrete form. The day will come when the iron-clad law of cause and effect will make itself abundantly clear on the level of individual lives, organisations and societies.

JUST as a satellite precisely follows a fixed orbit in space, the practice of chanting daimoku and shakubuku will place one's life on an eternal "orbit" of happiness. Therefore, for your own sake, please continue to travel the great path of faith with hope and courage.

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1st February

ONLY those who make consistent efforts in daimoku, study and discussion meetings in their community are true and honourable Gakkai members. That is the standard I would like to set.

IN general, not to forget someone is an expression of deep concern for that person. By treasuring each encounter with, and each day spent in the company of, members who are the precious children of the Buddha, you can daily accumulate treasures in your life.

A single person is parent to the great ocean of kosen-rufu. For this reason, we should treasure individual human beings. And we should also take pride in ourselves as pioneering individuals. The accumulation of single steps forward leads to victory in the long journey of kosen-rufu. Therefore, we should value the single step we take today. Today's step is the parent of glory.

NEVER be shakened, no matter what happens or what others may say. Never be flustered, never lose confidence. This is the way we should strive to live our lives. Being able to do so is a sign of genuine character.

PLEASE always advance in harmony and friendship with each other. Harmonious development is the starting point for happiness, construction and value creation. As we each strives to grow further with every passing year, let us accumulate good fortune and together achieves happy, healthy and truly wonderful lives.

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