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30th June

I hope you will become the nucleus of efforts to form a truly global family of humanity and further, a global family of humanity that is dedicated to world peace. Please possess this spirit. The important thing is your determination to do so, here and now, just as you are.

SUCCESS, is not a matter of accumulating more of this or that; it is not measured in quantity. It means changing the quality of your life. Wealth, power, fame and knowledge alone cannot make you happy, no matter how much you acquire them. Nor can you take them with you when you die. But by improving the quality of your life you will at last approach true happiness.

THE Daishonin described the Gohonzon as a “cluster of blessings” and went on to state, “The Gohonzon is found in faith alone.” Everything hinges on the strength of one’s faith. If your faith is strong, your life itself will become a cluster of blessings. People of strong faith, therefore, never reach a deadlock. They can transform all situations into benefits, into happiness.

THE Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin expounds that we should not seek a heavenly paradise somewhere outside ourselves. Nor should we seek an emotional escape from reality. The lotus flower of our own life blooms in no other place than in actual society and in our daily existence.

ONE who fails to train his body and mind while young, will in many cases find that his determination and ideals are often destroyed in his later years. Furthermore, it is likely that such a person will turn out to be a complete loser in life.

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29th June

ACADEMIC achievement and intellectual ability have nothing to do with attaining Buddhahood. The spirit of faith is what counts. Nichiren Daishonin clearly stated: “It is the heart that is important.”

THOSE who do not value the organization are practicing self-centred faith. With such faith, you cannot expect to receive the truly profound benefits of this practice. Working hard within the organization for people’s happiness and welfare is itself truly noble Buddhist practice. Advancing kosen-rufu and defeating devilish forces is the challenge of the Boddhisattvas of the Earth.

A life that is always filled with appreciation is a bright and cheerful one – be it when you are meeting with people, when someone gives you a lift in his car, or when you are at home with your family. Being able to sincerely offer thanks is a sign of living a truly happy life. Where people embody such a sense of appreciation, they send out waves of happiness that envelop both themselves and others.

THE Ongi Kuden stated, “Belief is like the price and wisdom is like the treasure.” For example, with one dollar of belief, you can obtain only one dollar’s worth of wisdom, whereas if you summon forth ten thousand or one million dollar worth of belief, the wisdom and power you can obtain will increase in like measure. Limitless belief gives rise to limitless wisdom.

TO change one’s miserable destiny and establish a happy state of life takes continual courageous faith. Please advance with powerful, courageous faith and deep confidence in the supreme power of the Gohonzon, towards a life filled with happiness, benefits and hope.

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28th June

A person who has correct faith is walking the highest path a human being can travel in life. No matter how rich or famous one might be, such things do not last. Without faith, he will eventually feel dissatisfied and experience a sense of emptiness, ultimately ending in misery and loneliness.

TO give up halfway in your practice of faith is like disembarking from an airplane that is in mid-flight. I hope that all of you will become people of courage, who, even if you were to be deserted by others, would persevere in the way of faith that you have determined to follow, to the very end of your lives. If there is even one such person of genuine faith, waves of kosen-rufu will spread far and wide.

ONLY when we practise with correct faith can we activate the power of the Great Law. However sophisticated an aircraft may be, it will not fly smoothly if its pilot is drunk. Mr Toda likened the Gohonzon to a “happiness-manufacturing machine”, but only when we have correct faith can we benefit from the infinite power of the Law and the power of the Buddha.

A saying goes that trying to straighten the horns of a cow could kill the cow. Instead of nit-picking over another’s weaknesses, it is far more valuable to encourage them, giving them hope and enabling them to find goals. Through doing so, we can help someone who is impatient, for example, become someone who cannot wait to take positive action.

THE most precious treasure parents can pass on to their children is faith. No matter how splendidly they hope to raise their children, they are overlooking the most essential area if they neglect to teach them about faith and are caught up in appearances and other superficial matters. Their children will not be able to accumulate good fortune and will encounter defeat in life.

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27th June

BUDDHIST study is not the mere memorization of theory. Your determination to study is an important aspect of your attitude in faith. You must understand that we study to deepen our faith, to promote kosen-rufu and to progress towards our attainment of Buddhahood.

CLIMBING a mountain entails difficulty. And the higher the mountain is, the greater are the difficulties that a climber faces. However, once he reaches the summit, he will be able to savour a state of mind far greater than that attained by those who handily climb lesser peaks.

LIVE your life so that you can declare, “I have no regrets. I enjoyed my life. I encouraged many others and gave them hope. It was a good life.” The original Buddha, Nichiren Daishonin, promised us that this will be the result if we practice correctly, following the principle, “Faith manifests itself in daily life.” The words of the Buddha contain no falsehood.

WE need to cultivate a state of life where we can thoroughly enjoy ourselves at all time. We should have such joy that, even at the time of death, we can declare with a happy smile. Such individuals will be reborn without delay, and in a form and in a place exactly according to their desires.

SPEAK out! The way to victory lies in persistent and thorough dialogue. And let us resolutely build a great force of Bodhisattvas of the Earth who will form the foundation for lasting peace for all human kind!

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26th June

SIMPLY trying to lead a normal life amid the severe realities of modern society will not enable you to change your karma. Breaking the chains of one’s karma requires great energy similar to the thrust needed by a rocket to break the pull of Earth’s gravity and to be launched into outer space. What provides us with this tremendous power is the Mystic Law.

AS far as the fundamental teachings of Buddhism and the Gosho are concerned, I hope that, regarding them as absolutely correct, you will first and foremost strive to put them into practice. I urge you to do so because this is the shortest route to understanding the essence of Buddhism from the depths of your life.

TAKING care of the tasks at hand is important. The main thing is to make your goals clear and then set about achieving them one by one with steady and thorough efforts. It is only through such continuous efforts that we can open up the path before us. We must also never neglect small details.

BEHIND each of us stand not just four billion years of kindness from the Earth, but the compassion of the entire universe since time without beginning. Therefore you must not slander or devalue your life. Life is the most precious of all treasures. Each of you has been given this invaluable gift and each of you is irreplaceable.

BY working for kosen-rufu, we become healthy; we become filled with vitality and life force. The great path of eternal hope and victory lies in a life dedicated to kosen-rufu.

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25th June

EVERYTHING you do for the sake of faith ultimately comes back to you in the form of happiness. Therefore, I hope that for your own sake, you will continue to walk the great path of faith with courage and hope.

FORMALITIES are important in certain cases, but mere formality that lacks substance is an evil. Formalities, in and of themselves, have no life; where as substance is alive. Formality is provisional and substance essential. Formality is conventional and therefore conservative but substance provides the impetus for progress and development.

LIVING is moving forward, making progress on all fronts. If you give up your efforts to move forward, it means you are retreating on life itself. And since faith is the driving force of our lives, retreating in faith is the cause of all unhappiness. That is why you must, with your fellow members and with the organization devoted to kosen-rufu, encourage each other and achieve victory in faith and in life.

THE important thing is not just sympathizing with or pitying others, but really understanding what they are going through. Empathy is crucial. Sometimes just having someone who really understands can give us the strength to go on.

NOT advancing is regressing. Let us advance and strive day after day, so that we have no regrets. Let us make each day one of brave and vigourous advancement, of dynamic progress. Let us accomplish a towering victory for kosen-rufu in the 21st century, causing our movement to shine even more brilliantly with new light and new capable people.

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24th June

THE ultimate essence of faith in the Mystic Law is that the life of Nichiren Daishonin manifests itself in our lives. We can strive with the same strength as Nichiren Daishonin. When we do so, we will never be defeated, no matter what hardships we encounter. We will not be unhappy. We will not fail to win. We will not fail to become happy. This is the quintessence of faith. I hope you will all be completely convinced of this and live your lives filled with optimism and hope.

WE must live with vibrant hope. Nothing is stronger than hope. The Mystic Law is itself eternal hope. Happiness belongs to those who never despair, no matter what happens.

LIFE is a struggle. Reality is a struggle. Nichiren Daishonin taught that Buddhism is about winning. So we must win in life. To embrace the Mystic Law is to grasp the sword of victory. We can triumph over all. We can triumph and enjoy our lives. “A person of faith” is synonymous with “a person of victory”.

I for my part was firmly convinced that, because President Toda was the great leader of kosen-rufu, to protect him was to protect kosen-rufu and the Great Pure Law. In fact, because I remained with and supported him during that difficult time, I was able to expand my state of life far more than others.

THE Gosho states, “To accept is easy, to continue is difficult. But Buddhahood lies in continuing faith.” No matter what obstacles might arise, you must never leave the Gohonzon. This is because faith in the Gohonzon is the solid base for happiness amid the stern realities of daily life.

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23rd June

WHEN we face hardships or challenging times, it is particularly important that we remain in close contact with sincere, warmhearted members and advance together with the harmonious organization for kosen-rufu. By doing so, we deny devilish functions any chance to enter our lives. The SGI is truly a “safe haven” of life. And there is no greater joy than a life dedicated to faith.

NICHIREN DAISHONIN taught that we can attain Buddhahood in this lifetime. In order to do so, we have to pass through the trials of the three obstacles and four devils. That is all we need to do to attain enlightenment in this lifetime and enjoy the boundless state of Buddhahood over eternity.

HOW do we tackle our problems? This challenge is what makes for a rich life. Buddhism teaches that “earthy desires are enlightenment”. The greater our sufferings, the greater happiness we can transform them into – through the power of the daimoku.

YOU are the pioneers of kosen-rufu in your respective countries and communities. The blessings you will accumulate are as great as the ocean or a huge mountain, and they will continue to grow limitlessly as the sphere of kosen-rufu expands. How fortunate we are and how marvelous is the Mystic Law.

WHETHER one has faith or not, to boldly scale the mountains of difficulties that one faces with a strong determination is the correct way to live as a human being. It is all the more important that we, who stand upon our faith with a sense of mission, face and overcome all obstacles that confront us, without trying to avoid anything. This we must do for our own sake, for the sake of the society and for the sake of the Law.

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22nd June

EVERYTHING that happens in the world of faith has deep meaning and value. Please be convinced that nothing is meaningless in the realm of faith.

EVERYDAY I offer earnest prayers for your happiness, good health and success. You each have your respective place of mission; you are all extremely precious children of the Buddha who are dedicated to the cause of kosen-rufu. I hope that while fostering cordial and warm relations among yourselves, you will advance as good citizens of your country.

A life spent day-dreaming about, “I only I didn’t have this problem….”, is a life of failure. In contrast, one who continually makes constructive efforts, approaching things from the standpoint of, “What can I do to overcome these circumstances and turn them into a source of value and victory?”, is a winner.

TRUE concern for others manifests itself as unconditional friendship. To be considerate means that the more someone is suffering, the more love you show them. It gives you the courage to help others to stand up. And it means recognizing another person’s unhappiness for what it is, trying to understand and share their suffering. Consideration is training ourselves in the art of encouraging others.

OUR voice praying earnestly for the sake of kosen-rufu – that in itself is the voice of the bodhisattva and the voice of the Buddha. It is indeed a case of “our voice doing the Buddha’s work”.

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21st June

EVEN should someone look upon you as a lost cause, you must never look upon yourself that way. Should someone berate you as having no talent or ability, you must not succumb to the negative message of their words. Unperturbed by others’ negativity, grit your teeth, keep believing in yourself, chant daimoku, and face your challenges head-on, with all your might.

SO long as you are courageous, you will never be swayed from your Buddhist practice by evil influences. You can live a truly meaningful existence, deeply enjoying every aspect of your life. If you are courageous enough, you will experience a great upsurge of life-force which will enable you to change your negative karma. At the same time, your sense of mission for kosen-rufu will also become stronger.

IT is the sharp sword of the Mystic Law and the great power of faith that enable us to completely severe the chain of sufferings. Therefore, I wish to make it clear that in order to secure eternal freedom and happiness, you must absolutely not be cowardly, especially in faith.

THERE is no such thing as a life free of sufferings or a world without problems. Indeed, life is made interesting by the very fact that all kinds of challenges occur. Those who base their lives on the Mystic Law are able to call forth supreme wisdom and break through all obstacles, no matter what; they are able to achieve a life of profound value wherein all their desires are fulfilled.

IN the Art of War by Sun-Tzu, the ancient text contains this maxim: “A victorious army first wins and then seeks battle; a defeated army first battles and then seeks victory.” In other words, the victors have won through preparation and strategy before the actual battle begins.

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20th June

IN the realm of Buddhism, incurring slander and abuse as a result of our efforts to spread the Law is the highest honour; it is also actual proof that we will attain Buddhahood. Nichiren Daishonin taught that we must never fear such persecution.

PEOPLE who have genuine concern for others stand firm when faced with injustice. Buddhism teaches that anger can be constructive or destructive. When justice or good is imperiled, it is necessary to become angry. On the other hand, anger that arises from pure emotionalism is no more than a manifestation of Animality.

ONE may also say that our Buddhist practice functions as a polishing diamond, in that through it we are not only able to bring forth our brilliance, but to polish and bring forth that of others, too. Our path of faith is one in which both we and others shine together.

THE life of a person who shrinks before oppression and tries to get by with cunning strategies and fake-hood is extremely pitiful. Such a life is self-defeating.

AS youthful leaders of kosen-rufu, I hope you will dedicate yourselves to the basic practice of faith throughout your lives. Always return to the basics and begin with the basics as you powerfully determine to advance steadily towards kosen-rufu and a solid existence.

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19th June

LEARNING is the individual’s inalienable right. As human beings, it is not only our right but also our duty. Please never lose the desire to continue learning throughout your lives!

BEING introvert does not make someone incapable, just as being quick-tempered does not make a person useless. We should live in a way that is true to ourselves. The fundamental aim of Buddhism is to enable us to do that. To advance towards our dreams cheerfully; to courageously work towards achieving them – this is what gives the most sublime meaning and value to our lives.

THOSE who fail to polish themselves, even though they might possess fame or power, invariably end up in a sad and pitiful state. In contrast, no matter how ordinary they may appear, those who have thoroughly polished themselves shine with increasing brilliance as the years go by.

IT is the cry of the spirit from the very depths of a person’s life that shakes and moves other people’s hearts. Similarly, Buddhism is above all concerned with the world of the heart. It expounds the principle that enables us to manifest the infinite power of the spirit. People of faith should strive to become outstanding citizens of their respective countries. There is no need for you to try to imitate others, or force yourself into following any specific pattern of behaviour.

AS you embrace the Gohonzon and continue to carry out your faith correctly towards the final goal of enlightenment, you will naturally find yourself in tune with the profound principles expounded in the Gosho. Please realize that your study of Nichiren Daishonin’s true Buddhism adds substance to your practice of faith, allowing you to advance correctly and confidently.

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18th June

ONE should not fall into the trap thinking that just by praying alone, everything will be all right. The true power of prayer is only manifested to its fullest extent when it is accompanied by action. Buddhism is a teaching of reason.

YOUR constant practice for yourself and for others will enable you to lead a true sense of fulfillment in the depths of your life. At the same time, you will greatly develop your life-condition. Such efforts in practice will also allow you to accumulate immeasurable benefits while setting your life on a course towards happiness. Please keep this in mind.

TO actively promote young people of outstanding ability to positions of responsibility, and allow them to give free rein to their potential, accords with the spirit of Buddhism. It is also the spirit of the SGI, and it ought to be the spirit of each member-organisation. The reason for this is that the dynamic activities of young people are the fundamental driving force for fresh development.

HAVING faith in the Gohonzon is important. When we as common mortals chant daimoku with sincere faith, our lives are naturally polished and come to emit the brilliance of Buddhahood. This brilliance is manifested outwardly in our daily lives in the form of benefits and good fortune, and inwardly as refreshing humanity, rich wisdom and vigourous life force.

LIFE is making practical efforts. It is challenging ourselves. It is advancing. Your youth will never come again. Please leave behind some achievement; please create something, as a record of your existence in this world.

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17th June

THOSE with a seeking mind will always feel refreshed, hopeful and filled with joy. We must realize that only through a seeking spirit can we polish and deepen our faith. This is true not only in the realm of faith. In any field of endeavour, everything is determined by one’s seeking mind.

IT is the desire of the original Buddha that each of your families is harmonious and happy. I also sincerely hope that, treasuring your lives and doing your best at your jobs, each of you without exception will lead victorious life. It is for this reason that we carry out our practice of faith.

ALL things have meaning in Buddhism; nothing is wasted. The law of cause and effect is absolute. In some spheres, taking the easy way and avoiding hard work may seem to pay off. However, in Buddhism, the results of all of our unseen efforts and our subtle, invisible ichinen, or inner attitude of mind, are directly manifested in our lives. Therefore, the important thing is to make efforts on our own initiative, whether anyone is watching us or not.

NO one can escape the sufferings of birth, old age, sickness and death. We all fall ill. We all have times when we are not up to top form. When one does become ill, the important thing is to bring forth strong prayer and wisdom aimed at overcoming that sickness. We should strengthen our life force through chanting dynamic, resonant daimoku, while actively availing ourselves of qualified medical expertise and sound treatment.

HUMILITY means doing your best in your present circumstances and situation, working together harmoniously with those around you. Arrogance, on the other hand, is doing whatever you please, without thinking about anyone else. Arrogance is wrong and will bring one misfortune.

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16th June

PLEASE do not spend your youth avoiding hardship and taking the path of least resistance. Please seek out difficult challenges and work hard. And if you are going to take on hardships, let it be for the sake of high ideal. Do not stay closed up in your own tiny shell; pursue your studies with the high ideals of helping your friends and contributing to society and humanity. This is where the true significance of pursuit of learning lies.

IN Buddhism, we say that “the voice does the Buddha’s work”. Fundamentally, this means chanting daimoku. Those who chant daimoku are, in essence, the most eloquent of all people.

FIRM faith and prayer – our deep inner determination or concentration of mind strengthens our life force. When you believe in what is right, when you direct your thoughts in the right direction, you attain the correct faith that leads to happiness. We who practice the True Law possess supreme faith. That is why we are so youthful and full of vigour and energy.

PEOPLE of first-rate character always value friendship and faith highly. Only by deepening and broadening such friendships can we open the door to a new era in history. In this sense, I hope that you will each become a person of profound character. To become a person who lacks depth of mind is the last thing I hope for you.

THERE are many people searching for fame. Such a thing, however, is no more than a dream – an illusion. Genuine happiness cannot be found within the ghost-image of reputation and fame.

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15th June

WHERE can we find the key for turning our lives in a positive direction? Absolutely vital in this question is the philosophy of human revolution. Human revolution offers only the certain path to happiness and victory in life. Human revolution means transforming our lives from unhappiness to happiness.

WHAT is human revolution? When a person has spent all his time playing and goofing suddenly starts to study, that is human revolution. When a person who has hardly opened the Gosho begins to read it; when a person who did not work very hard gets up early and starts to work – these, too, are human revolution.

THERE are no Buddhas who suffer in poverty forever. And just as there are no cruel or malicious Buddhas, so too are there no weak, pallid Buddhas who allow life to defeat them. A Buddha is another name for a person who is determined to win no matter what.

A person who loves youth and lives side by side with young people is forever youthful. On the other hand, one who thinks only of himself as worthy respect and looks down on young people, or fails to foster and care for them, will not enjoy the support of others and will end up lonely and forlorn. Such a person is unable to develop true wisdom or character.

IN the event of illness, a person with weak faith will be carried away by devilish influences. Such a person’s life will then become impure, and he may finally lose faith entirely. A person of strong faith will be able to gaze directly at his own unhappiness and boldly overcome it with abundant daimoku.

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14th June

DISCIPLES who have made their inner resolve one and the same with that of their mentor are strong; they are never defeated. This was the case with President Toda towards his mentor President Makiguchi, and with me towards my mentor President Toda. This is the spirit of the Soka Gakkai’s three founding presidents. This formula of mentor and disciple is unchanging.

OUR organization is a safety zone of faith and happiness.

WITH the spirit of each day scaling a new mountain, crossing a new ocean and discovering a new continent, through your new discoveries and thrilling experiences, you will draw your own magnificent map of the world in the depths of your life. Make the most of your time by throwing yourself into everything with high spirits.

OTHER than the fact that we chant daimoku, however, there is nothing that makes us in any way special from other people. We must exert utmost efforts to become outstanding members of society and show ourselves to be individuals of courtesy and good sense.

TRUE individuality is not something as superficial and artificial as merely trying to be different. Rather, it is something that shines from the depths of your life as a result of having discarded your attachment to such shallow pretensions and devoting all your energies to achieving something of value.

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13th June

CLIMBING over mountains and making our way through the valleys is what makes hiking interesting. The walking may be challenging but it allows us to experience wonderful vistas and arrive, in the end, at our destination. Simply flying to the spot is boring. The same is true of life.

THE Gosho stated, “Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is the greatest of all joys.” Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is the fundamental law that moves the universe. It enables you to reveal the most joyful, dynamic condition of life. Because we chant this great daimoku everyday, we can always live with joyful vitality. Therefore, we should naturally live our lives youthfully, no matter what.

ONCE you make a resolve, courage and wisdom will well forth. Even with things that one said to be impossible, you do not know whether they are until you try for yourself. No matter what others may say, it starts with you. I hope you will be people with such strong resolution.

IN our world of faith dedicated to the achievement of kosen-rufu, all who resolutely continue to chant daimoku are ultimately victorious – all without fail attaining a state of life of absolute happiness, in other words, the state of Buddhahood. Basically, if you remember this point, your life will be secure for all eternity.

FROM the standpoint of the eternity of our lives, because we embrace the Mystic Law everything is moving in a positive direction, everything contributes to our happiness and our attainment of Buddhahood. We need to have confidence in the Mystic Law; we must not be swayed by immediate circumstances or allow them to cloud our faith.

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12th June

THOSE who have experienced great sufferings must win in life and become happy. If you are always losing and miserable, then you are not practicing Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism correctly. You are not following the true path. Buddhism teaches the means by which the sad can become happy and the happy become happier still. That is the reason for our practice. And isn’t becoming happy one of life’s most important goals?

NICHIREN DAISHONIN replied to Shinjo Kingo: “To accept is easy; to continue is difficulty. But Buddhahood lies in continuing faith. Those who uphold this sutra should be prepared to meet difficulties.” (WND, p471) It is through confronting difficulties that we attain Buddhahood and achieve a state of life of peace and tranquility. The mountains and valleys and storms along the way are something we should be prepared for and ready to overcome.

WHEN you purify your life with daimoku, you will definitely develop an utterly indestructible state of life of absolute happiness that abounds with great good fortune. In such a state of life, everything will become a source of joy. You will feel a deep sense of fulfillment even if you have neither worldly fame nor wealth. Each moment of your life will be totally satisfying.

YOU have to become wise and stand firm. Then, if there appears a person of distorted views, you will be able to deftly perceive his essential nature and to prevent the world of the True Law from being polluted by false or evil views.

TODAY, rather than leading a seemingly pleasurable life of self-indulgence, you should toil, bathe in sweat, along the road of Buddhist practice, so that tomorrow you can lead a life filled with confidence.

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11th June

ENCOURAGING one person can lead to the encouragement of countless others. Nichiren Daishonin knew that one person could open the way for kosen-rufu. We need to learn from the Daishonin’s example.

DEATH is the final settlement of accounts of our life in this world; we only die as we have lived. How we have lived, how full and rich we have made our life inside – all this is revealed at our last moment. At that time, we will surely know with the depths of our being how wonderful it is to have lived a life dedicated to the Mystic Law.

AS long as we remain in this strife-ridden saha world, it is impossible to stop the winds of suffering from blowing. We ourselves must be strong, we must become great trees that are untroubled by even the most powerful gales – and, indeed, even come to relish storms. We practice faith so that we may carry out our human revolution in order to enjoy such lives and to develop such inner strength.

IF supposing that because one has practiced for many years or has got a handle on the teachings of Buddhism, one acts in an arbitrary manner without seeking guidance from anyone, he will at some point become self-righteous and depart from the path of the True Law and true teaching. Such a person, even though he may give the appearance of embracing faith, is not proceeding along, the fundamental path of True Buddhism.

ALL in all, happiness and unhappiness lie nowhere but within one’s deep-seated ichinen. When viewed from the profound perspective of Buddhism, one’s strong ichinen to continuously chant daimoku to the Gohonzon will become the source of all change. In other words, you strong ichinen to continue chanting is the key to changing any situation for the better.

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10th June

ONE who continues to chant abundant daimoku to the Gohonzon will accumulate eternal good fortune and establish an everlasting condition of joy within his life. In other words, through Buddhist practice, you can create the fundamental cause which leads to indestructible happiness. Therefore, you must absolutely never abandon your faith.

BUDDHISM is the source of an eternally vigorous and fresh spirit. It revives a life that is parched and exhausted and enables powerful life force to well forth. Even when you are in a deadlock, it opens a path of infinite hope. This is the world of the Mystic Law and the world of faith. However, no matter how wonderful and correct Buddhism might be, unless you immerse yourself in the pure flow of faith, you will not be able to tap such power.

WE are able to change suffering into a source of enlightenment and happiness in accordance with the Buddhist principle of “earthy desires are enlightenment”. The greater our suffering and sorrow, the greater happiness into which it can be transformed. Such is the power of daimoku.

OUR prayers are answered only to the extent that we exert ourselves to realize the Buddha’s wish for the happiness of all humanity. The Gohonzon (Mystic Law) has no obligation to answer our prayers. It has not asked us to chant to it. We request the privilege of being allowed to pray to the Gohonzon. If we have such a sense of gratitude and appreciation, our prayers will be answered more quickly.

OUR families are an important foundation of our daily lives. When we ensure that our families are solid and secure, everyone in the family can exert themselves wholeheartedly for kosen-rufu. And it is women who take on a large part of this important responsibility. In families, where the women are firmly grounded, the men will be likewise. On the other hand, when the men are firmly grounded but the women are not, then, more often than not, both of them will suffer. The power of women is immense.

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9th June

IN maintaining faith, we must be careful to avoid such attitude as haughtiness, pretension or conceit. True faith is to pray single-mindedly to the Gohonzon, continue the practice of gongyo and daimoku and forge ahead without affectation.

BUDDHISM teaches that “the voice does the Buddha’s work”. In general, voice and words have great power. The voice of a single courageous person has the power to embolden others and help them out of difficulty. The scope of kosen-rufu will expand only to the extent that you use your voice to proudly proclaim the true teaching. In this sense, to cowardly remain silent is an evil.

PEOPLE with rich and generous hearts treasure others and nurture their growth. They bring happiness to both themselves and others. Those who are impoverished of heart make life gloomy through their complaining and criticisms of others. They make both themselves and others miserable.

THOSE who strengthen their faith day by day and month after month are genuine practitioners. Our daily practice of gongyo, therefore, is important, as well as attending meetings every month. We must not let our faith grow weak. We must make it stronger today than yesterday, stronger this month than last. Buddhist practice is a succession of such untiring efforts, the ultimate goal of which is attaining the summit of Buddhahood.

OUR earnest prayers and grassroots activities – starting from the local community and rippling out to the entire world, starting from the individual and rippling out to all humanity – create the momentum for the achievement of peace and kosen-rufu.

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8th June

WE only live this precious life but once. Please make continual efforts, steadily overcoming life’s challenges one step at a time until you ultimately achieve a life in which all of your wishes are realized. May all of you, without exception, become happy. That is my sincerest wish.

BUDDHISM stresses the importance of the present and future. The present and the future are what matters. Always challenging oneself is practicing Buddhism. We practice for the sake of the present and future. It is important not to become trapped in the past; we have to put it behind us. The Buddhism of True Cause is always based on the present moment; it is always “from this moment on”.

THE important thing is to continue chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, no matter what, in times of happiness and in times of sorrow. This attitude of faith holds the key to living a life of supreme joy and happiness. Those who continue to chant sincere daimoku for whatever it is that is in their hearts, who continue to show proof of faith in their daily lives based on daimoku, praying deeply about all things – such people will definitely enjoy lives in which all their desires are fulfilled.

IT may be easy to masquerade as one who speaks about and studies the Law. However, such behaviour will not in the least enable one to make the spirit of the True Law his own. Unless one ceaselessly returns to the prime point with seeking spirit, genuine Buddhism will not pulse within his own life. Much less will he be able to move the hearts of others.

EVEN a cave that has been in total darkness for millions of years will become brightly illuminated the moment a light is brought inside. Only your practice of faith can ignite the flame of happiness within your heart.

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7th June

ONE of Nichiren Daishonin’s writings that we have read countless of times stated: “You must not spend your lives in vain and regret it for ten thousand years to come.” (WND, p622) Where can we find a life that is not spent in vain? It is found, I assert, in a life dedicated to fulfilling the vow of mentor and disciple to realize kosen-rufu, which leads directly to world peace.

DEVELOP yourself so that even just seeing you will hearten and inspire those who have been shipwrecked on the voyage of life. Leave behind great achievements that will encourage all those who follow.

THE Mystic Law is the “Law of treasures”. One who embraces this Law will definitely lead a “life of treasures”. Moreover, indiscernible benefit of one’s faith also passes on to one’s ancestors and descendants and to the members of one’s family, definitely enabling them to traverse upon the brilliant path of happiness.

A courageous person is happy; an optimist in the best sense of the world, he is able to live in a powerful and forthright manner. The great benefit of the Gohonzon will manifest itself in the life of a person who possesses such courage.

WE are fortunate enough to embrace the Gohonzon. We have faith, which enables us to change our destiny, and we chant daimoku, the source of tremendous joy. The Gosho states, “Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is the greatest joy of al joys.” In this sense, as we chant daimoku to the Gohonzon and cause tremendous joy to well up within us, we can resolve all of our problems and unhappiness.

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6th June

THOSE irresponsible in their daily lives – especially in regard to money – are never individuals of strong faith. Bear this in mind and uphold the principle of “faith equals daily life”.

FAITH enables us to develop the great state of life to experience profound joy by overcoming difficulties. The power of daimoku enables us to savour the exquisite joy of life in both suffering and pleasure. In light of the principle of ichinen sanzen, to draw forth the limitless power of Buddhism, we must possess a courageous mind.

THOSE who dwell in the world of kosen-rufu, those who spread the True Law, are the precious children of Nichiren Daishonin. And the children of the Buddha are themselves Buddhas. It is inconceivable that they could fail to become happy or that the Buddhas and heavenly deities in the 10 directions could fail to protect them. The important thing is one’s courage in faith. The protective forces in the universe increase their potency in order to safeguard a person of courage.

EVERYTHING ultimately depends on whether there is someone who is willing to wage a desperate, all out struggle, someone who will take 100 percent responsibility without relying on or leaving things to others, someone who will work with selfless dedication for the sake of the people without any concern for what others think. Such a person is a true leader and a genuine Buddhist.

A revolution in education begins with a revolution in educators themselves. In order to build a better world, it is important for us to realize that unless teachers improve, there will be no improvement in students, and if students do not improve, there wil be a dearth of capable leaders in the future. That is why we need to see a dramatic change in the attitude and quality of educators.

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5th June

NO matter what your circumstance, it is your ichinen of faith that enables you to open the palaces of happiness that exists within you and establish a life that is fulfilled in every respect. This is the purpose of faith and Buddhist practice. Your powerful ichinen directed towards the Gohonzon and the accomplishment of kosen-rufu will cause every aspect of your life to unfold.

IF you lack courage, you cannot win any struggle. And if you cannot win, you will be unable to show proof of justice.

THE purpose of life is to realize absolute happiness. Absolute happiness is something that does not change with time; it is eternal; it is a sense of happiness that is unaffected by external factors, welling forth from the depths of one’s life. It is not a transitory thing like a worldly status, fortune or satisfaction.

FAITH in the Mystic Law enables us to direct our individuality in the most positive direction. Those who possess the loftiest individuality are people who cast aside self-interest to dedicate themselves whole-heartedly to serving others; people who work for the happiness of their fellow human beings, the welfare of society and the propagation of the Mystic Law, indifferent to whether they are recognized or acknowledged for their efforts. Their greatness of character makes such action possible.

TO rise from the depths of sorrow of a beloved person’s death and set out to realize their vision with ever greater determination and resolve – nothing can compare to the profundity, nobility and strength of such a life. This is something that my mentor in life, Josei Toda, often solemnly asserted.

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4th June

BUDDHISM is about emerging triumphant. Victory, in whatever challenge or struggle, invariably brings joy. To be defeated, on the other hand, makes everyone downcast. Losers weep bitterly; victors shine with glory. That is why we must win in life without fail. That is the purpose of our faith and our solid unity.

CONSPICUOUS benefit refers to such instances of benefit where we are clearly protected in times of trouble and able to find a speedy solution to a problem we are facing. Inconspicuous benefits, meanwhile, are like the sapling growing into a mighty tree. We accumulate good fortune little by little and this manifests itself gradually over time. In life, it is inconspicuous benefits that matter most.

WHERE people possess wisdom and life force derived from faith, they can move everything towards and increasingly bright and more positive and encouraging direction. The truly wise person of faith is one who enters the rhythm of being able to achieve victory in reality again and again, instead of merely philosophizing about it.

IT is often said that victory or defeat is what counts in Buddhism. Whether or not you can attain Buddhahood in your present life, whether or not you can accomplish kosen-rufu – this is what victory or defeat amounts to. In essence, as stated in the Gosho, it comes down to whether or not we win over devilish forces.

WITHOUT faith, worldly sufferings function to increase the causes which lead to unhappiness. Embracing Myoho allows one to transform fundamental sufferings, or earthly desires, into enlightenment. These fundamental sufferings then become the power which enables one to undergo a complete change of destiny, and travel towards the great path of enlightenment and perfected character. This is the greatness of faith.

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3rd June

THIS existence passes by in an instant but our lives themselves are eternal. Please be deeply confident that all your present efforts and hard work will contribute to your eternal happiness. That is why it is important never to retreat in faith, no matter how daunting the difficulties you may encounter. Do not be afraid. If you retreat or let yourself be ruled by fear, you will be the one to lose. “For your own sake and for the future, do not backslide in faith! Do not be afraid! Persevere in faith!” – This is Nichiren Daishonin’s message.

ONE saying goes that people will not exceed their dreams. So you should have big dreams. But you must recognize at the same time that dreams are dreams and reality is reality. It is natural, therefore, that to achieve big dreams, you must view your situation realistically and work with your entire being to see that they come true.

REALITY is harsh. You must courageously challenge the stern realities of life and win, and win again, in everything – in your daily lives, at work, at school and in your homes. Buddhism and faith are the driving force for unlimited improvement.

WHAT is the most important in one’s practice of faith? It is to have courage. Courage is the source of justice, happiness, comradeship and benefit.

ONE who can always give courage and hope to others is great. To bring courage and hope to each person we meet, we must make sure that passion and conviction burn bright in our lives. Thus, we will become true leaders.

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2nd June

WHEN the number of people in a particular country who chant daimoku grows, it can be said that the nation is on a course towards relishing rissho ankoku, or securing the peace of the land through the propagation of true Buddhism. Of course, for one country to be at peace, its neighbouring countries must also be at peace. True peace can be established when each individual nation realises this principle of rissho ankoku.

OPTIMISM should not be confused with a haphazard or easy going attitude. It is a strong and robust view of life. An optimist is one who is able to see an opportunity to open the way forward in the most difficult situation, and who steadfastly clings to the belief that things will definitely turn out for the best. Such a person always views the suffering of life with detached composure and sees their positive implications and bright potential. Optimism enables one to greatly expand his state of life.

IF you possess a strong life force and abundant wisdom, it is possible to enjoy the challenge of overcoming life’s hardships much in the same way that waves make surfing exhilarating and steep mountains give mountaineering its allure. Because the Mystic Law is the source of life force and wisdom for overcoming life’s difficulties, the Daishonin stated that there is no greater happiness than chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.

LIFE passes by in an instant. Therefore, become people who can say confidently at the end of your lives, “I have won! I have done my very best!” How fortunate you are, now when you are young, to be able to participate freely in SGI activities.

THERE are many trials and challenges that await us in our efforts to advance kosen-rufu. The three powerful enemies will repeatedly assail us and many are the obstacles we must surmount. All of our hard work for kosen-rufu, however, is transformed into our boundless good fortune and benefit. In other words, every effort we make also benefits our own lives. Moreover, those with whom we forge bonds of friendship and help form a connection with Buddhism in this lifetime will share profound ties with us across eternity.

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1st June

THE “Buddha land” exists nowhere but where you are right now. It is to be found in one’s enduring practice, based on faith, to spread the true teachings of Buddhism no matter what might happen. It is within one’s ichinen to challenge and overcome suffering.

THE heart of a person who adamantly adheres to his path in life is always as clear as a blue sky, even in the worse circumstances. Fame or success that is easily attained is as ephemeral as the light of a firefly. Such fame or success, because it lacks a foundation built with tenacious efforts, will not grace a person with the golden light of humanity.

ONE cannot become a starring player in life if one is easily swayed by one’s emotions over every little thing. Strength of character lies in performing the drama of life with courage and confidence, practising self-reflection and self-control under any circumstances.

THE first step in any job is to be personally committed to making the company or organisation a success through your own efforts. You can never be happy if you take a passive role. The joy of work and the ambition to succeed are born from a positive spirit, from taking an active role.

IF a person is defeated in the end, then no matter how successful he may have appeared along the way, his life will ultimately have been a failure. Victory in Buddhism equals eternal happiness. This is a crucial point. The victory we achieve through faith is valid not just for this existence but it endures forever throughout past, present and future.

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