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9th April

THE invocation of daimoku is the driving force to enliven and revitalise one's life, constantly spurring it on. Daimoku will turn suffering into a spring-board for growth and progress.

STUDY is a kind of contest. In a contest, whether it is in the arts, in sports or in work, you are bound to be defeated if you lose the will, the energy, that drives you on to the finish line. You must never allow yourself to be held back by the past, never forget to always press forward, starting here, starting now, starting today.

BUDDHISM is winning, and then winning again. When you win you must be sure not to create a cause for future defeat. For it is precisely when you win that you must create a cause that will lead yet to another victory.

WE must not be cowardly. Time and again, Nichiren Daishonin admonished his followers, "Nichiren's disciples cannot accomplish anything if they are cowardly." (WND, p 481) A cowardly person cannot realise victory in life. Unless we have the courage to really dedicate our lives to kosen-rufu, we cannot construct true happiness for ourselves and others.

IT is important to live with tenacity, right to the very end, to boldly write your own history in your own unique way. There is no need for you to be resentful or jealous of others. We possess the Gohonzon, unsurpassed in the world. And we are able to freely tap the infinite treasures that exist within our lives.

NOTE: Visit for Nichiren Daishonin's gosho, Letter to the Brothers.