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9th June

IN maintaining faith, we must be careful to avoid such attitude as haughtiness, pretension or conceit. True faith is to pray single-mindedly to the Gohonzon, continue the practice of gongyo and daimoku and forge ahead without affectation.

BUDDHISM teaches that “the voice does the Buddha’s work”. In general, voice and words have great power. The voice of a single courageous person has the power to embolden others and help them out of difficulty. The scope of kosen-rufu will expand only to the extent that you use your voice to proudly proclaim the true teaching. In this sense, to cowardly remain silent is an evil.

PEOPLE with rich and generous hearts treasure others and nurture their growth. They bring happiness to both themselves and others. Those who are impoverished of heart make life gloomy through their complaining and criticisms of others. They make both themselves and others miserable.

THOSE who strengthen their faith day by day and month after month are genuine practitioners. Our daily practice of gongyo, therefore, is important, as well as attending meetings every month. We must not let our faith grow weak. We must make it stronger today than yesterday, stronger this month than last. Buddhist practice is a succession of such untiring efforts, the ultimate goal of which is attaining the summit of Buddhahood.

OUR earnest prayers and grassroots activities – starting from the local community and rippling out to the entire world, starting from the individual and rippling out to all humanity – create the momentum for the achievement of peace and kosen-rufu.

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