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23rd August

YOUTH Division in particular must not behave arrogantly. I ask the youth leaders to sincerely look after their juniors in faith, and work wholeheartedly for the happiness of their fellow members.

IN life, you have to decide what you will do and then make efforts to achieve it. If you do not, you will end up frustrated and unhappy. How you grow as a human being and strive to achieve your wonderful goals and dreams will determine whether you head towards self-improvement or decline. Education exists for us to become happy, to succeed and to lead brilliant lives.

FAITH manifests itself in daily life. Daily life, in turn, is the stage upon which we show proof of faith. True human victory and happiness are attained through the earnest and steady day-to-day efforts we make in our lives.

JUST as a mirror is indispensable for putting your face and hair in order, if you are to lead a happier and more beautiful existence, it is necessary that you have a mirror that reveals the depths of your life.

HUMAN beings have both a good side and a bad side. From here on, as you grow, you will be choosing in which of these two directions you will go. If you pursue the good side, the path of happiness will gradually unfold for you. If you choose the negative side, your choice will inevitably result in a life of hellish suffering.

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