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13th October

BUDDHISM teaches the oneness of birth and death. It is important that we bring our lives to a magnificent close, just like the setting sun paints the sky in majestic crimson hues.

TO take the initiative to go where the circumstances are most difficult, to be the first to take on the most arduous tasks. Those who live with a dedicated commitment to faith, to kosen-rufu and to their self-realisation are true champions in life.

OUR faith exists so that we may attain lifelong and eternal happiness. Those who put on airs and try to appear better than they really are in their youth, no matter how impressive they appear on the surface, will only see their good fortune disappear as they advance in years. The pursuit of mere vanity does not lead to happiness. In contrast, those who wholeheartedly devote themselves to their Buddhist practice by participating in SGI activities are building and solidifying the foundation for their good fortune throughout the three existences of past, present and future.

MANY want worldly greatness but few are determined to be great human beings. Many want praises and attention of other people but few try to establish the happiness throughout the three existences that will not fade even at the moment of death.

EVEN though one may embrace the Gohonzon, if he/she lacks faith, his/her prayers will not be answered and no benefit will be forthcoming.

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