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18th October

OUR organization of faith, the SGI, serves as a bulwark against evil and negative influences. Practising together in an organisation enables us to advance unswervingly on the correct path towards a firm and certain goal and to achieve personal development and growth through supporting, encouraging and inspiring each other. This is why having an organisation is so important. It is also why organisations exist in all societies and in all areas of human endeavour.

OF course, it is possible to get by in life without practicing Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism. But sometimes we are confronted by karma over which we seem to have no control, or are buffeted about because of our own inner weakness. What a tragic loss it would be if we could never change ourselves, if we could never exclaim confidently at the end of our days what a wonderful life we have led. That is precisely why a solid guiding philosophy in life is so essential.

THOSE who lived true to their convictions are strong. Even if at one time it may appear that they have lost, in the end they will shine with human victory. The character and integrity of those who live based on their convictions shine. They can clearly distinguish what is good and what is evil, and advance unerringly on their chosen path in life.

THIS is what I think. A smile is not only the result of happiness; it is also its cause. Whatever might happen, bravely transcend your own weakness and make a gentle smile. In the garden of such a strong and rich heart, the fragrant flowers of happiness in life bloom.

THERE may be many problems and sufferings in your lives, but I hope that you will challenge them, remembering that “difficulties are the greatest education”. This kind of challenge enables you to polish yourself and develop your virtues, which will in turn help your children grow splendidly.

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