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25th November

GET up early in the morning and do gongyo. Fight productively and be full of enthusiasm in the evening, and get to bed earlier.

DO not look to others; look to yourself. If you make yours a meaningful life which you can say with calm objectively, "It was good. It was full of triumph," then you have lived a glorious life. The person with such a strong character is a happy person.

WHEN we are tired, we can sleep well. When we have worked hard, we can sleep all the more soundly. When we have worked at something with all our might, we are left with a sense of peace and well-being. Striving to realise our dreams is exhausting. But nothing is more satisfying or fulfilling.

BEHAVIOUR reveals faith. It might well be said that faith exists within action. If you take some action for the sake of other members, even though it might seem insignificant at the time, it will definitely come to assume brilliance over the course of time.

JUST because someone has a high standing in the organisation or status in society, that does not mean the person has faith. Someone who behaves arrogantly solely because he or she went to a prestigious school is the worst kind of person and is utterly lacking in character. Some people are flashy; some are modest. Some people have advanced degrees; some do not. Some people are wealthy; some are poor. While all people are different, the important question is who is truly happy.

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