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29th December

A life of supreme joy results from faith and the chanting of daimoku. As the gosho teaches, one's life will become one of ultimate, perfect fulfilment. A life always one step in retreat, that of someone whole lives selfishly or begrudges his/her effort, will in the end be empty and miserable.

THE world is vast. Buddhism is eternal. How foolish it would be, therefore, to be swayed by minor events or become bogged down in trifles! If we allow this to happen to us, then what is the meaning of our Buddhist practice in the first place? What is the meaning of our life?

YOU must not live with your head in the clouds, basing your life on empty idealism. Nor should you get caught up in the slightest with shallow dreams of gaining fame or prominence so that you can impress or dazzle others. The only path to true victory in life is to become a person of genuine ability and substance. And the only way to do this is to advance steadily, one step at a time. Momentary fame is like an apparition.

WISDOM is the secret to good health. Wisdom allows us to ensure our well-being. We need to be aware of how to prevent illness before it occurs, and how to preserve our health so that we can go about our activities with zest and energy. We must not simply succumb passively to old age; instead, we should engage it head on in a positive and active way.

EVERYONE is a capable person. The efforts we make now to raise outstanding capable people will determine the course of our movement for the next hundred years.

NOTE: Visit for Nichiren Daishonin's gosho, On Reprimanding Hachiman.