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22nd January

SUCCESS can never be genuine unless it is based on the accumulation of steady and strenuous efforts, expended day by day and from moment to moment.

THE Mystic Law embraces the law of cause and effect, the absolute law that pervades all existence, both sentient and insentient. This is why our thoughts and actions, based on the Mystic Law, will not disappear without effects but will be registered in our lives, which are one with the great universe, and will shine for all eternity as infinite blessings and virtues.

A person who perseveres with genuine faith is able to accumulate genuine good fortune. Absolutely no one and nothing can destroy the happy state of life that we ourselves have constructed, or rob us of the blessings and virtues we have accumulated. On the contrary, every time we encounter a great persecution, we are able to open and cultivate a still more wonderful state of life.

THE richer our own hearts, our own humanity, the more we are able to recognise and value the humanity of others. Those who bully and belittle others only diminish their own humanity.

ALL of us in the SGI are “old friends of life”, “old friends across eternity”, precious beyond measure and linked by bonds from the ‘beginningless’ past. We have treasured this world of trust, friendship and fellowship. How sad and pitiful it is to betray and leave this beautiful realm! Those who abandon their faith travel on a course to tragic defeat in life.

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