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26th January

CHANTING daimoku and doing shakubuku will set your life on an orbit of happiness which will last forever.

THE master's concern for his disciple is much more profound than the disciple may imagine. There is no greater misfortune for a disciple than to be unaware of this.

DAYS of stagnation produce a life of regression. With the passage of time, one who leads such a life is increasingly overcome by a sense of loneliness and regret. Faith lies precisely on constructing an existence in which you can find personal joy and satisfaction, and a state of life that affords you the hope and joy to live vigourously.

KOSEN-RUFU is a religious movement to illuminate the world with great wisdom just as the sun illuminates the earth. The idea is for each person to become a light of wisdom; when there are many such lights, the entire world will be illuminated. Kosen-rufu could be described as the grand "art" of revolutionising the inner state of one's life. In concrete terms, it comes down to the expansion of peace, culture and education.

THE only way to create a current of lasting peace is by forging heart-to-heart ties through wide ranging exchange relating to culture and education. The SGI is carrying out this grand experiment - testing and proving its validity - for the first time in the history of humankind. In our respective countries and communities, let us continue to sincerely and wholeheartedly contribute to grassroots diplomacy and peace-building in the 21st century.

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