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13th February

OUR lives have been stained by karma and destiny from the past and encrusted with a layer of greed, anger, stupidity, arrogance and doubt, that has built up over a vast period of time without being cleared away. When we devote ourselves to the Gohonzon, however, the law of Myoho will function to penetrate our lives and clear away the source of unhappiness.

THERE is no need to envy anyone else. There is no need to complain. There is a saying, "Dig where you stand, and you will find a bounteous spring." If you uphold the Gohonzon and work for kosen-rufu, your life will shine with the light of the eternal Buddha land.

THOSE who can smile are strong; people of truth and integrity are cheerful. Such people can face criticism and persecution with a dauntless smile. In contrast, those who constantly criticise, yet are incapable of creating anything of value themselves are pitiful, wretched souls. In the end, they become miserable and disillusioned. Their faces are not lit by radiant smiles, nor do they savour truly enjoyable and satisfying lives.

TRULY capable leaders are those who can engage others, on a one-to-one basis, in inspiring dialogue and move them with warm-hearted encouragement to set forth with renewed determination in faith. Determinations inspired in this way tend to last. They become a catalyst, causing a ripple effect that spreads out to touch many, many others.

IT is not our environment or circumstances but our inner resolve that is important. Do not allow you to be pre-occupied or held back by considerations of educational background, wealth, fame or social position. Always advance in life based on faith, no matter what happens. That is the spirit of a Buddhist.

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