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20th April

IN the realm of faith, we are all equal. The strict law of cause and effect is undiscriminating.

IT is also important that we live cheerfully. With a strong spirit of optimism, we need to be able to continually direct our minds in a bright, positive and beneficial direction, and help those around us to do so too. We should strive to develop a state of life where we can feel a sense of joy, no matter what happens.

WHEN you are earnest in your desire to raise and educate others, you too will grow. The person who leaves no stone unturned in the search for talented individuals, who earnestly prays for them, connects them to senior members, and thus educated them is truly an asset to the organisation.

WHETHER or not we feel complete satisfaction in fulfilling our own mission depends solely on how we put the finishing touches on it during the last years of our lives. No matter how favourable and smooth an existence you may have led, should you fail to bring it to a complete fulfilment, your past efforts will have been in vain. I hope that you will triumph in overcoming the hindrances of karma and live powerfully throughout your life for the sake of your eternal victory.

THOSE who carry out their faith sincerely and protect this Buddhism with the most serious determination will without doubt be protected by the Buddhist gods and will be able to lead a life in which "all desires are fulfilled".

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