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28th April

THE important thing is how deeply we can be aware of our personal mission. This is the standard that determines the depth and greatness of our lives. Being aware of our mission gives birth to strength and hope and becomes the driving force that enables us to move forward through life's difficulties. Everyone has a mission in life. Not a single human being is without one. What determines the course of your life is whether you are awakened to that mission or not.

NAM-MYOHO-RENGE-KYO is the sound of the great rhythm of the universe. It is also the heart and essence of the universe. The Mystic Law is the source of all change. That is why when we chant the Mystic Law - Nam-myoho-renge-kyo - we can activate the universal force to support us.

THE present moment is important, not some time in the future. We must strive to cultivate the kind of faith where we can constantly advance with an awareness that now is the time to deepen our faith, to change our karma. This will allow us to accumulate causes for our happiness, the results of which will naturally follow.

I can say that people of first-class ability express themselves clearly. Looking into the listener's eyes, they express their opinions in a forthright and dignified way. In addition, they completely capture the heart of the listener with their rich expressions and great wit. They always possess spiritual latitude and place special emphasis on courtesy. It is my hope that you as well will develop into such first-class individuals.

RATHER than seeking fame and glory, we should strive to establish an indestructible "palace" of happiness within our lives through sincere faith.

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