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11th May

EVEN if you should have some unpleasant or painful experience, overcome it by devoting yourself to a strict practice of gongyo and daimoku and vigorously advancing your activities for kosen-rufu. This in itself is a way of life based upon Buddhahood and strong faith.

NO matter what may happen, you should remain strong and bright so that no storm of difficulties can create a stir at the core of your life. I hope that you will be able to continue to advance with a bright smile, undaunted by any problem. Please cultivate the stately composure of a queen, reveling in the beautiful and vast fields of flowers within your life.

IN the realm of Buddhism, those who have in actuality advanced kosen-rufu are worthy of great respect. In contrast, those who crave personal fame and profit, while not making the slightest exertion (for the sake of the Law or the believers), are parasites that live off Buddhism.

ALL rivers, irrespective of their differences, flow unceasingly and unflaggingly to the sea. If we, too, continue to make persistent efforts, we will eventually reach the great ocean of happiness for ourselves and others. We will savour a life of boundless freedom and potential in which we ourselves shine brightly while celebrating and encouraging the individuality of others.

UNITY is important. The SGI has achieved the global development it has today by acting in solid unity of “many in body, one in mind” in exact accord with Nichiren Daishonin’s declaration. We must never forget this point. It is precisely for this reason, too, that we must never allow ill-intentioned or arrogant individuals to disrupt the pure realm of SGI. Nothing is stronger than unity in the cause of justice.

NOTE: Visit for Nichiren Daishonin's gosho, Letter to the Brothers.