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16th May

THOSE who do not stand up to against wrongdoing and injustice are not just. They are not strong; they are devious and self-serving. President Toda often said quite strictly, “People who are lax towards evil, people who do not fight against evil, no matter how good natured they are or impressive they may appear on the surface, ultimately have no principles, no convictions. They have no real character either. They are devious, self-serving individuals.”

STRENGTH is the source of happiness. We must not shy away from life’s challenges. We must not be defeated. Refusing to be defeated equals victory. A person who perseveres to the end is a winner.

WHEN your life is filled with the desire for improvement, when it is a life of effort, of faith, you will feel hope. A degenerate life, a life of self-interest, of exploiting others may seem good for a while, but it will always take a downwards spin, lapse into suffering and end up in despair.

THE depth and power of one’s faith determines the degree of wisdom and happiness one can develop. When the sun rises, the earth is illuminated. Similarly, when the sun of faith rises within and permeates your inner world, you will manifest the wisdom to create value in society and your daily life. For us, wisdom is a manifestation of faith. Conversely, faith must manifest itself as wisdom.

FAITH is confidence and confidence means strength and hope. A person who lacks confidence will tend to be swayed by devilish influences and be defeated by negative criticism. Compromising with the trend of the times, he will estrange himself from the depths of faith.

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