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22nd May

LET us always make certain to remember, respect and protect the people who are striving with diligence and perseverance, modestly and inconspicuously, in their communities. My deepest wish is to visit these people, bow in respect to them and sincerely thank them for their admirable efforts.

MANY things happen in life. There are joyous days and times of suffering. Sometimes unpleasant things occur. But that is what makes life so interesting. The dramas we encounter are part and parcel of being human. If we experience no change or drama in our lives, if nothing unexpected ever happen, we would merely be like automations, our lives unbearably monotonous and dull.

JOY is not simply personal, egoistic happiness. Nor is it making others happy while sacrificing yourself or your own happiness. You and others delighting together, you and others becoming happy together – this is the Mystic Law and the wondrous thing about our realm of kosen-rufu.

EVERYTHING comes down to the extent to which you train and polish yourself. If, contend with summary knowledge and strategies, one avoids the efforts that building a foundation entails, you will later experience loss. Furthermore, the principle of cause and effect of the Mystic Law is very strict. Unless you polish yourself through earnest faith, you will definitely not be able to realize a life of indestructible happiness and victory.

ALWAYS bear in mind that a shining glory awaits when you are able to break through the walls which may seem to confine you.

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