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24th May

WE live in the realm of human beings. By the very nature of that realm, there are no obstacles in it that we, as human beings, are unable to overcome. What is more, we uphold the great Mystic Law, and because of that, there are no obstacles that we cannot surmount.

WE are people of faith, and faith is the ultimate conviction. Nothing could be sadder or more short-sighted, therefore, then complaining or giving up when we encounter some small obstacles in our path. A Buddhist is a person of wisdom and conviction.

FAITH means infinite hope, and infinite hope resides in the SGI. As long as you have sincere faith, infinite glory, boundless good fortune and endless victory will unfold before you. You will never find yourself at a dead end.

THE swells of kosen-rufu become a thousand waves, and then ten thousand waves. A single dew drop of propagation expands to the size of an ocean. The benefit of the person, who first courageously stands up, increases and shines in like measure. I hope that, with your sight set on the future of kosen-rufu one thousand years hence, each of you will exert yourself as such individual pioneering drops of dew.

WHAT really matters is how deep and pure a condition of life you can establish. The reality of problems and troubles will never disappear. One can either be influenced by them and sink into the great sea of suffering or overcome them and build a mountain of happiness.

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