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14th June

DISCIPLES who have made their inner resolve one and the same with that of their mentor are strong; they are never defeated. This was the case with President Toda towards his mentor President Makiguchi, and with me towards my mentor President Toda. This is the spirit of the Soka Gakkai’s three founding presidents. This formula of mentor and disciple is unchanging.

OUR organization is a safety zone of faith and happiness.

WITH the spirit of each day scaling a new mountain, crossing a new ocean and discovering a new continent, through your new discoveries and thrilling experiences, you will draw your own magnificent map of the world in the depths of your life. Make the most of your time by throwing yourself into everything with high spirits.

OTHER than the fact that we chant daimoku, however, there is nothing that makes us in any way special from other people. We must exert utmost efforts to become outstanding members of society and show ourselves to be individuals of courtesy and good sense.

TRUE individuality is not something as superficial and artificial as merely trying to be different. Rather, it is something that shines from the depths of your life as a result of having discarded your attachment to such shallow pretensions and devoting all your energies to achieving something of value.

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