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16th June

PLEASE do not spend your youth avoiding hardship and taking the path of least resistance. Please seek out difficult challenges and work hard. And if you are going to take on hardships, let it be for the sake of high ideal. Do not stay closed up in your own tiny shell; pursue your studies with the high ideals of helping your friends and contributing to society and humanity. This is where the true significance of pursuit of learning lies.

IN Buddhism, we say that “the voice does the Buddha’s work”. Fundamentally, this means chanting daimoku. Those who chant daimoku are, in essence, the most eloquent of all people.

FIRM faith and prayer – our deep inner determination or concentration of mind strengthens our life force. When you believe in what is right, when you direct your thoughts in the right direction, you attain the correct faith that leads to happiness. We who practice the True Law possess supreme faith. That is why we are so youthful and full of vigour and energy.

PEOPLE of first-rate character always value friendship and faith highly. Only by deepening and broadening such friendships can we open the door to a new era in history. In this sense, I hope that you will each become a person of profound character. To become a person who lacks depth of mind is the last thing I hope for you.

THERE are many people searching for fame. Such a thing, however, is no more than a dream – an illusion. Genuine happiness cannot be found within the ghost-image of reputation and fame.

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