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20th June

IN the realm of Buddhism, incurring slander and abuse as a result of our efforts to spread the Law is the highest honour; it is also actual proof that we will attain Buddhahood. Nichiren Daishonin taught that we must never fear such persecution.

PEOPLE who have genuine concern for others stand firm when faced with injustice. Buddhism teaches that anger can be constructive or destructive. When justice or good is imperiled, it is necessary to become angry. On the other hand, anger that arises from pure emotionalism is no more than a manifestation of Animality.

ONE may also say that our Buddhist practice functions as a polishing diamond, in that through it we are not only able to bring forth our brilliance, but to polish and bring forth that of others, too. Our path of faith is one in which both we and others shine together.

THE life of a person who shrinks before oppression and tries to get by with cunning strategies and fake-hood is extremely pitiful. Such a life is self-defeating.

AS youthful leaders of kosen-rufu, I hope you will dedicate yourselves to the basic practice of faith throughout your lives. Always return to the basics and begin with the basics as you powerfully determine to advance steadily towards kosen-rufu and a solid existence.

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