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22nd June

EVERYTHING that happens in the world of faith has deep meaning and value. Please be convinced that nothing is meaningless in the realm of faith.

EVERYDAY I offer earnest prayers for your happiness, good health and success. You each have your respective place of mission; you are all extremely precious children of the Buddha who are dedicated to the cause of kosen-rufu. I hope that while fostering cordial and warm relations among yourselves, you will advance as good citizens of your country.

A life spent day-dreaming about, “I only I didn’t have this problem….”, is a life of failure. In contrast, one who continually makes constructive efforts, approaching things from the standpoint of, “What can I do to overcome these circumstances and turn them into a source of value and victory?”, is a winner.

TRUE concern for others manifests itself as unconditional friendship. To be considerate means that the more someone is suffering, the more love you show them. It gives you the courage to help others to stand up. And it means recognizing another person’s unhappiness for what it is, trying to understand and share their suffering. Consideration is training ourselves in the art of encouraging others.

OUR voice praying earnestly for the sake of kosen-rufu – that in itself is the voice of the bodhisattva and the voice of the Buddha. It is indeed a case of “our voice doing the Buddha’s work”.

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