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24th June

THE ultimate essence of faith in the Mystic Law is that the life of Nichiren Daishonin manifests itself in our lives. We can strive with the same strength as Nichiren Daishonin. When we do so, we will never be defeated, no matter what hardships we encounter. We will not be unhappy. We will not fail to win. We will not fail to become happy. This is the quintessence of faith. I hope you will all be completely convinced of this and live your lives filled with optimism and hope.

WE must live with vibrant hope. Nothing is stronger than hope. The Mystic Law is itself eternal hope. Happiness belongs to those who never despair, no matter what happens.

LIFE is a struggle. Reality is a struggle. Nichiren Daishonin taught that Buddhism is about winning. So we must win in life. To embrace the Mystic Law is to grasp the sword of victory. We can triumph over all. We can triumph and enjoy our lives. “A person of faith” is synonymous with “a person of victory”.

I for my part was firmly convinced that, because President Toda was the great leader of kosen-rufu, to protect him was to protect kosen-rufu and the Great Pure Law. In fact, because I remained with and supported him during that difficult time, I was able to expand my state of life far more than others.

THE Gosho states, “To accept is easy, to continue is difficult. But Buddhahood lies in continuing faith.” No matter what obstacles might arise, you must never leave the Gohonzon. This is because faith in the Gohonzon is the solid base for happiness amid the stern realities of daily life.

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