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2nd June

WHEN the number of people in a particular country who chant daimoku grows, it can be said that the nation is on a course towards relishing rissho ankoku, or securing the peace of the land through the propagation of true Buddhism. Of course, for one country to be at peace, its neighbouring countries must also be at peace. True peace can be established when each individual nation realises this principle of rissho ankoku.

OPTIMISM should not be confused with a haphazard or easy going attitude. It is a strong and robust view of life. An optimist is one who is able to see an opportunity to open the way forward in the most difficult situation, and who steadfastly clings to the belief that things will definitely turn out for the best. Such a person always views the suffering of life with detached composure and sees their positive implications and bright potential. Optimism enables one to greatly expand his state of life.

IF you possess a strong life force and abundant wisdom, it is possible to enjoy the challenge of overcoming life’s hardships much in the same way that waves make surfing exhilarating and steep mountains give mountaineering its allure. Because the Mystic Law is the source of life force and wisdom for overcoming life’s difficulties, the Daishonin stated that there is no greater happiness than chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.

LIFE passes by in an instant. Therefore, become people who can say confidently at the end of your lives, “I have won! I have done my very best!” How fortunate you are, now when you are young, to be able to participate freely in SGI activities.

THERE are many trials and challenges that await us in our efforts to advance kosen-rufu. The three powerful enemies will repeatedly assail us and many are the obstacles we must surmount. All of our hard work for kosen-rufu, however, is transformed into our boundless good fortune and benefit. In other words, every effort we make also benefits our own lives. Moreover, those with whom we forge bonds of friendship and help form a connection with Buddhism in this lifetime will share profound ties with us across eternity.

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